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Parents and carers

Why university?

University education can change your young person's world

University education can change your young person's world

They expand their skills, knowledge, networks and job prospects. Their time at university will shape their future and open doors to new opportunities. And that's not all...

  • Graduates are more likely to get a job than non-graduates.
  • University can lead to a more rewarding or better paid job.
  • For some professions, like law or medicine, it's essential to have a relevant degree.
  • Graduates are well equipped to take their place in the world of work or go on to further study and research.
  • And they tend to earn substantially more than people with A levels who didn't go to university - around £100,000 over the course of a lifetime.
  • Many employers are seeking graduates with an academic qualification and a range of transferrable skills applicable to any profession, so after further education your child has a better chance of securing a job.

Higher education is an investment in the future.

At Teesside University, we make sure our students get the most out of their experience - developing confidence, personal skills, work experience and independence as well as gaining qualifications.

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