About us

Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art

In September 2014 Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (mima) became part of Teesside University, combining two public institutions to support each other and build on mima’s success.

Director Alistair Hudson was appointed in October 2014, bringing with him a new vision to change the concept of mima and art as a spectator activity and to offer the ethos of a Useful Museum, seeing mima as an institution dedicated to the promotion of art as a tool for education and social change.
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mima’s programme plays a key role in the cultural ecology of North East England, particularly Teesside, and is internationally recognised for its mission. It integrates exhibitions and collection displays with learning activities, off-site projects, commissions and community-focused initiatives. Funded by Arts Council England and Middlesbrough Council, it is a member of the Plus Tate network and partner of ‘The Uses of Art – The Legacy of 1848 and 1989’, a project by the European museums confederation L’Internationale.

We invite you to join us on our journey to becoming a museum for a new age – museum 3.0.