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Security and emergencies

Security control room

Uniformed security officers patrol and monitor the campus on CCTV on a 24-hour, 365-day basis.

You can also drop in for assistance, we are located at the main entrance of the Library. You can contact the security control room on 01642 342086 or extension 3200.

First aid

First aiders are trained to assess injuries and illnesses and are located across the University campus. They are able to treat minor injuries or recommend consultation with a doctor or the local Accident and Emergency (A&E) Department.

If you can't find a first aider you should call the Security control room on 01642 342086 or extension 3200.

Lost property

Take found property to M2.10 (Campus Services reception). If looking to claim lost property come to the same room, M2.10.


If you need an ambulance, dial 999 and ask for the ambulance service. You should:

  • state the name of the building where the ambulance is required, together with the floor and room number
  • if the person requiring treatment is outdoors, state the location on campus
  • state the number of people involved
  • confirm that the ambulance service has all the information it needs
  • telephone the Security Control Room (internal ext 3200 or externally 01642 342086) and inform them that an ambulance has been called and where it is expected to arrive
  • go to the scene of the incident and confirm that an ambulance has been summoned.

A security officer will normally attend to assist in guiding the ambulance staff to the location of the casualty, or ensure that there is someone at the entrance of the building to guide the ambulance staff. Students living in halls of residence who require first aid may also contact a warden for assistance.

The nearest Accident and Emergency (A&E) department is at James Cook University Hospital, Marton Road, Middlesbrough, T: 01642 850850.

Fire emergency

If you discover a fire or hear a fire alarm:

  • leave by the nearest exit, following the green Fire Exit signs
  • do not stop to collect personal belongings
  • sound the fire alarm on route (if not already activated)
  • close all doors on the way
  • call the fire brigade on 999
  • call the Security Control Room on 01642 342086 or extension 3200
  • move away from the building
  • do not re-enter the building until instructed to do so
  • do not attempt to fight the fire unless your escape is blocked.
  • Never use a lift in a fire evacuation.

If you have a mobility problem, you should try to leave the building. If you cannot leave the building you should get to a protected enclosure, such as a stairwell or linked building. You will be safe for at least 30 minutes. You should tell someone that you are remaining behind and that the Fire Brigade, security or health and safety office must be told.

Fire emergency during an examination

If a fire alarm sounds during an examination, the invigilator will make a note of the time and you will be asked to evacuate the building in the normal manner, as above, without taking anything with you.

Once the all clear has been given, you will be asked to return to your seat in silence. The invigilator will inform candidates of the time the examination will now finish and instruct the candidates to restart.

Person trapped in a lift

If you are trapped you should summon help by either telephone, intercom or alarm bell (depending on the particular lift). A Security Officer will then attend and release you.

If you become aware that a person is trapped in a lift, you should inform the Security Control Room on 01642 342086 or extension 3200. A Security Officer will deal with the situation.

Gas leak

If you smell gas:

  • put out cigarettes
  • do not operate electrical switches eg light switches
  • open doors and windows to get rid of gas and keep them open until the leak has been stopped.
  • call the Security Control Room on 01642 342086 or extension 3200.

Water leak or flood

If you discover standing water on the floor, water pouring down a wall, or through a ceiling, you should turn off any tap that may have been left on, taking care not to expose yourself to any danger, such as wet electrical equipment.

Call the security control room on 01642 342086 or extension 3200.

Telephone system failure

If there is an emergency during a failure of the University’s telephone system you can still contact the Security Control Room from a mobile or pay-phone on 01642 254977.

If you have no coins you can make a reverse charge call from any of the pay phones within the University.

Electrical power failure

In the event of an interruption to the electrical power supply, the fire alarm will continue to be operational and emergency lighting will activate, providing sufficient light to enable you to move safely around the building.

Inform the security control room on 01642 342086 or extension 3200.

This procedure should not be used for reporting faulty lights or sockets; these should be reported to the Estates Division of Campus Services in the normal way, by telephoning ext 2041.

Discarded hypodermic needles/syringes or spilt bodily fluids

If you discover a discarded hypodermic needle or syringe it is important that you do not handle it.

If you discover any spilt bodily fluids, for example vomit or blood, it is important that you do not come into contact with it.

Warn any person in the vicinity and call the security control room on 01642 342086 or extension 3200.

SafeZone app

We've joined up with Critical ARC to bring you SafeZone - a free app for staff and students that connects you to the University security team if you ever need first-aid or urgent help when you're on campus.

More about the SafeZone app