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Recruiting talent

Through our wide range of student and graduate schemes we can offer support with:

Graduate recruitment and placements

Our range of programmes, from eight weeks (*1) to six months, will suit your business needs - with technical support, mentoring, project planning and delivery, and much more.

We support both you and your graduate throughout the term of the project.

Benefits to you

  • a customised approach to your business problem
  • access our recruitment and matching service, to get the best graduate candidates for your business needs (*2)
  • access part-financed graduate talent for short term projects (*3)
  • trial prospective new employees
  • get fresh inspiration to support business growth and development
  • new knowledge, skills and technological know-how to increase your performance, productivity and competitiveness
  • flexible start dates.

*1 For eight week placements, the cost to your company is just £1,283*.
*2 We offer a fully funded recruitment service (including vacancy advertising, application collating, interview organising).
*3 You must offer a minimum of £16,000 salary to the graduate. You may be eligible for a subsidy of £3,999 towards the salary cost.

*Eligibility criteria apply. Find out more

We can offer your company an innovative and customised approach to solve a design, technical or business challenge.

Our Knowledge Exchange Internships (KEIs) give North East small and medium-sized enterprises a unique chance to engage with expertise from Teesside University, supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

How does it work?

A talented graduate (the intern), mentored by a University academic with relevant expertise drives forward a project for your organisation. This combination of fresh thinking and hugely valuable experience can bring cutting-edge benefits to your business.

KEIs are flexible, up to 12 months, according to your needs and can be approved within five working days of application.

Benefits to you:

  • access to the latest thinking and expertise from Teesside University to solve your design, technical and business challenges and improve performance and productivity
  • improved competitiveness by encouraging enterprise and innovation in your workplace
  • knowledge exchange helps to create enterprising and innovative employees and organisations
  • embed new knowledge and skills linked to best practice and leading edge techniques and know-how into your organisation
  • recruit a recent graduate with support from the University.

Teesside University graduate Jonathan Galloway completed a Knowledge Exchange Internship at Omega Plastics and is now employed full time at the company as a Marketing Officer.

Help for employers

If you want to recruit qualified people, target Teesside University students and graduates.
Help for employers

Customer First

Putting The Customer First. Link to . We guarantee quality. All our business services carry the Customer First Standard, a quality mark recognising excellent customer service. And we can also help you source financial support.

Our business service charter sets out our commitment to a professional business service for all our clients.

Omega Plastics

Omega Plastics. Link to Omega Plastics.

Jonathan Galloway worked as a marketing officer at Omega Plastics, a leading plastics manufacturer specialising in injection moulding and rapid tooling. Its client list ranges from Unilever to luxury car brands such as Jaguar, Land Rover and Aston Martin.

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ElringKlinger (GB)

ElringKlinger (GB) has recently taken on three Teesside University undergraduates as part of its Year in Industry offering.

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