Professional and executive development

Our brand new series of intensive one and two-day masterclasses is designed to satisfy specific skills requirements and minimise time away from work. They are delivered by academic experts in their field, helping you deal with today's business challenges.

The masterclasses are delivered at the Centre for Professional and Executive Development - a venue which combines a professional environment and superb facilities, at a highly accessible Darlington location close to national road and rail links.

We also deliver longer, accredited in-house training for groups of your employees requiring specific skills, helping you to reduce time and travel costs.

If you don't see the course you are looking for listed on this page, just give us a call. We pride ourselves on being flexible and responsive to the needs of businesses and can work with you to provide tailored learning packages specific to your workforce - delivered where, how and when you want it.

Professional and executive development series

Leadership and Management

Investing just short blocks of time to develop your employees leadership and management skills can create enormous impact for business growth and sustainability - whilst motivating staff and generating new skills, knowledge and ideas.

Finance for non-financial leaders

You will explore a range of core skills in accounting and financial management in order to develop a deeper strategic understanding of organisational performance in order to improve your strategic decision making.

Key issues covered:

  • Organisational stakeholders and their respective information needs.
  • Financial accounting techniques and accounts presentation.
  • Cost classification and costing methodologies.
  • Financial information requirements for the management of the organisation including budgeting.
  • Strategic decision making and related information needs.

Details of dates and costs of this masterclass are to be announced very soon. Please complete the contact form and state the course you're interested in.

Visual communications matter

This one day course will introduce you to the fundamental concepts behind how visual communications work. Active practical sessions will help you experience the basics of visual branding and graphic design enabling you to evaluate your communications, develop effective briefs and work with graphic designers.

What you study

On completion of this course you will be able to;

  • identify and evaluate different elements and approaches to visual communication in the context of business and organisations
  • consider project requirements to construct a design brief in response to a specific scenario
  • understand the design process and the role of the graphic designer


The course will be delivered by interactive workshops to introduce the key concepts of visual communication and branding. Learners will be introduced to visual theories and fundamental elements of the design process. Practical sessions will encourage learners to experiment with fun, visual challenges as well as responding to specific, real world criteria to create ideas and write a design brief.


This course is open to anyone with an interest in visual communication, branding and graphic design.

Entry Requirements

Prior knowledge of visual communications is not essential.

Details of dates and costs of this masterclass are to be announced very soon. Please complete the contact form and state the course you're interested in.


Biometrics and human identification

This one-day course will explore the newest technology and emerging research in biometrics and human identification from anthropology and fingerprints to forensic genetics (DNA). Learners will be able to discuss the relative merits of a range of innovative identification techniques, and how best to deploy them. Specifically, the course will explore human identification techniques through the use of case studies and simulated scenarios.

What you study:

  • Current methods for biometric identification
  • Innovative technologies for human identification using anthropology and DNA
  • Biometric data in context to a range of real life scenarios


The course will be delivered by interactive workshops to introduce the key concepts and issues of generation and use of biometric data including DNA analysis and encourage delegates to explore the topic in context to become familiar with methods and processes used in practice. The learners will be exposed to the latest human identification and biometric research. Likewise, the course will explore the human identification process offering a unique mix of theoretical subject matter combined with simulated case scenarios which is delivered by case-active academic staff.

Speakers who are currently at the forefront of this discipline will lead on the delivery, providing an exclusive opportunity for learners.

Who is the course for?

This course is open to anyone with an interest in human identification and applied technologies. Whether you are working or aspiring to work in emergency planning, emergency services, information technology, crime intelligence, law enforcement and security or interested in the academic advancements, research or writing fiction, this interactive course will provide a unique opportunity to explore current thinking in this rapidly evolving subject.

Entry Requirements

Prior knowledge of biometrics and human identification is not essential.

If you are interested in attending this course, please complete the contact form and state the course you're interested in and we will be in touch.

Composite materials and manufacture

Note: due to the specialist facilities required, part of this course will be delivered at the Teesside University Middlesbrough campus

Composite materials offer unique opportunities for improved performance and part economics compared with traditional materials. Composite materials have unique properties and behaviours which once understood can be harnessed to optimise product performance and efficiency.

The course will introduce you to composite materials, their properties and appropriate manufacturing methods.

What you study

Basic Composite mechanics

  • Introduction to matrix materials (thermoplastics, thermosets etc.)
  • Effects of fibre addition, type and volume fraction (quantity)
  • Composite macro-mechanics and micro-mechanics with predictive techniques
  • Properties, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of composite materials

Composite Properties

  • The physical and chemical properties of composites compared with other materials
  • Stiffness testing of a range of composite samples compared with other materials
  • Generated graphs compared and discussed
  • Impact testing to determine toughness and explore fracture mechanics

Composite Manufacture

Introducing a range of standard design strategies and manufacturing techniques including wet layup, prepreg layup, resin infusion, tape winding, hot pressing, and pultrusion. We will also review the generation and control of composite wastes.

Practical: Hands on design process for a given composite part we then manufacture using three different techniques; hot pressing, prepreg layup and resin infusion. Results are compared to understand the effects of design and technique on final part material properties.

On completion of this two-day course you will:

  • Understand the main types and groups of composites
  • Understand the effects of fibre addition, type and quantity on mechanical properties.
  • Define a range of performance criteria and tests for composites with hands on appreciation of results and behaviours.
  • Have manufactured some simple composite parts and experienced the process of design and manufacture.


Teaching is 50% practical based to ensure content is relevant and outcomes are clearly understood. The course is taught in small groups and being industry focused we aim to tailor the course to specific student needs, whether that be looking at and testing relevant materials or processes.

Entry Requirements

No formal entry requirements needed.

Details of dates and costs of this masterclass are to be announced very soon. Please complete the contact form and state the course you're interested in.

Health and Social Care

This portfolio of education has been consulted upon with Health Education England in the North East along with representatives from NHS foundation trusts. Our programmes emphasise improving the quality of care to patients and service users, and reflect innovative and integrated pathways of care enhancement.


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