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Information for employers


How it works

Our apprenticeships are specifically designed in partnership with employers and professional bodies, enabling us to tailor them to your needs. At Teesside University we work with organisations across all sectors and are approved by the Education and Skills Funding Agency.

Your apprentices can be existing team members or new recruits. The choice is yours.

You must employ the apprentice for a minimum of 30 hours a week, and you are expected to provide support and guidance to your apprentice whilst paying them an appropriate training salary throughout the duration of their study. Starting salaries vary depending on the sector and individual levels of experience.

Apprentices will spend 80% of their time in the workplace, while the other 20% is spent on study. They are also required to demonstrate their workplace competence during their training, as well as academic learning to complete the programme. Your apprentice is assessed at the end of their apprenticeship to showcase their skills and knowledge.

Benefits for you as the employer

  • attract and retain top talent
  • demonstrate your commitment to staff investment
  • enhance and develop your workforce
  • fill higher-level skill gaps
  • grow your business
  • improve business performance
  • increase productivity
  • receive government funding and use your levy payments to pay for course fees.

How we help you

If you're thinking of recruiting a degree apprentice or would like to upskill your existing workforce we can help with your recruitment process.

We can give you advice on:

  • advertising a vacancy and finding the right candidate
  • apprenticeship levy and funding
  • developing a new apprenticeship
  • exploring current workplace opportunities
  • recruiting an apprentice.

Guide for employers

Approach to apprenticeship subcontracting


Advanced Entry Degree Apprenticeships (AdEDA)

Are you an employer in the science, engineering or design sector? Find out how our AdEDA scheme can help you select new apprentices from current Teesside University students completing their first year of studies on a relevant degree, HNC or HND.

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