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Team Teesside


Choose a Team Teesside background for your Microsoft Teams meetings

Bored with your Microsoft Teams backdrop? Download a Team Teesside background to brighten up your online meetings and share your pride in our University and region.

There are four images to choose from:

How to add a background image on your desktop computer:

(Please note you can only do this when you are about to join a meeting)

  1. Click on your preferred image and save it to your computer.
  2. Before your meeting begins, click 'Join meeting' (either in the meeting invitation calendar item, or in the Microsoft Teams pop up) and select 'Background filters'.
  3. The 'Background settings' menu will appear.
  4. Select 'Add new' to upload your image from your computer (.JPG, .PNG, or .BMP formats only).
  5. Your new image will be applied, and it will become your default background until you change it again.
  6. Click 'Join now' to begin your meeting.

IMPORTANT: The Team Teesside logo and hashtag will appear back-to-front as you look at the screen but don't worry, everything will appear the right way round to the other people on your video.

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I feel privileged to be a part of Team Teesside because it's a community like no other. You are working collectively to achieve a common goal which makes your work truly valued. There’s a sense of pride and belonging that comes with being part of Team Teesside.

Demi Falshaw, Student Adviser (Mental Health and Autism), Student & Library Services

Team Teesside means working together to achieve the best results no matter your role, and supporting each other through the highs and lows.

Danny Mawle, Information Analysis Administrator, Finance & Commercial Development

I am fiercely proud to have gained all my academic and professional accolades at Teesside University.

Pete Brown, Course Leader/Senior Lecturer, Operating Department Practice Studies, School of Health & Life Sciences

As a new member of staff, Team Teesside is a supportive and encouraging place to work, a place where you are welcomed and valued.

Lisa Bone, Higher Degree Apprenticeship Workplace Assessor, ACA

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