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University Brand

Using the logo

We have a new and energetic brand that signals to the outside world that we are a confident, exciting and innovative university. The brand is a visual representation of what we stand for and inspire people to do their best.

The identity and its system have been carefully considered, researched and tested to make sure we have created the best image for Teesside University.

The main logo uses a full colour image and should be used wherever possible. When full colour is not available, the two colour, black, or white versions can be used.

If you need to use the logo contact the Digital & Design Manager, Student Recruitment & Marketing on +44 (0)1642 342892 or email

Download the guidelines

Letterhead templates

The letterhead template is intended to be used for electronic purposes. If you require letterhead for print, please contact Hilary Rodgerson, Student Recruitment & Marketing on +44 (0)1642 342954 or email

Letterhead templates are only available to staff