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About us

Faith and belief focus group

Our faith and belief focus group is one of five focus groups at the University that sits under our equality, diversity and inclusivity umbrella.

Our faith and belief focus group has staff and student representation and is open to anyone with an interest in faith and belief issues. Our group aims to support all our students and staff whether they follow a particular faith or no faith, so that our Teesside community is able to find space to engage in reflection activities that support their wellbeing or faith.

Sarah Bishop
At Teesside we recognise that faith and belief play an important role for many of our staff and students. Our focus group helps us to better understand this aspect of our University community and to proactively work with staff and students to meet their faith and belief needs. We are also proud to work closely with faith leaders in our local community to provide a sense of belonging for our University community in the local area and to ensure that local faith voices are part of our conversation.

Sarah Bishop

The group comprises our executive champion, chairs, and a broad cross-section of colleagues from all our Schools and departments.

  • Executive Champion: Dr Warren Harrison, Pro-Vice Chancellor (International)
  • Chair: Sarah Bishop, Assistant Director, Communities, Culture and International

Becoming a member

Becoming a member of the faith and belief focus group has many benefits, including the opportunity to make a difference to our University community, raise your profile, and work with new people. New members who are willing to actively participate are always welcome. Membership entails:

  • attending meetings
  • sharing ideas to develop plans
  • sharing tasks and responsibilities
  • implementing new campaign initiatives

The group meets six times a year during working hours. Please let your line manager know if you would like to volunteer.


We currently do not have any events planned, please check again in the near future for updates.

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