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Refund information

If you are eligible for a refund (please see Fees and Charges Regulations) then please note the following:

  • Refunds must be made to the original payer
  • Refunds must be made back to the original method of payment
  • The gross amount will be refunded although the actual amount received may differ from what was paid due to exchange rates applied
  • Please note, due to bank processing times and the use of intermediaries by some banks it may take several days, weeks or even months from the date the University makes the payment for the funds to clear in the recipient's bank account; this is outside of the University’s control
  • Refunds made for online payments are fast, secure and efficient.

We therefore ask that all payments are made online.

These are the steps you must complete to obtain your refund:

  1. You need to complete the Refund Request form ( FAQ Fees: Refund also provides information and a link to the form).
  2. Complete your details in full (the form cannot be submitted with blank fields) noting the following:
    • Your student ID is a letter followed by 7 digits
    • Requested amount to be refunded - enter the amount in GBP
    • Payer name - the person that made the original payment. If payment was made via an Agent please put their name here e.g. Unimoney Collections
    • Payer address - originating Payer or paying Agent's address
    • You must attach proof of payment in all circumstances as explained on the form
    • If the method of payment is direct bank transfer (not through Flywire) you need to complete the 'Bank details' section - please input the details of the account that the payment came from
    • Tick the box to verify what you are submitting is accurate and submit the form

Remember that due to Anti-money Laundering Regulations the University can only refund the person who originally made the payment and will use the same method of payment to make the refund. If the payment method requested differs from the payment method used a refund will not be issued.

Your refund will be processed as quickly as possible and you will be able to track its progress using the UNIverse enquiry number that is generated and returned to you when you submit your request.

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