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Mock Courtroom

The courtroom can be set up to simulate any one of three different types of court.

The courtroom can be set up to simulate any one of three different types of court: a Crown Court, with a judge and 12-person jury; a Magistrates’ Court with three magistrates; or a Family Court.

The facility is a fantastic facility for any organisation where staff may be required to attend court to give evidence e.g. health, social care, finance, education sectors. .

There is also the opportunity to receive training and specialist continuing professional development (CPD) for those in professions which require them to be involved in Court Room proceedings.

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The students that we have put through the court room experience have found it invaluable particularly when given the opportunity to review their performance on play back. They have all found it immensely beneficial when encountering the real thing. I would recommend that any organisation where their staff have to attend court on a regular basis avails themselves of the opportunity to utilise the facility. It will certainly make a valuable contribution to enable your staff to maintain their dignity during what can be an extremely traumatic experience for the unprepared.

Dr Alan Grant, Medical Director, Care & Custody

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