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David Williams

David WilliamsMBA

David is director of nursing for a 97-bedded secure psychiatric hospital. He is interested in strategic change within healthcare.

I most enjoyed being challenged and stretched at University. It helped me to question things and be inquisitive.

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David Bate

David BateBSc (Hons) Software Engineering and MSc Computing

Project analyst, Exel Computer Systems in Nottingham

'My degree demonstrated my commitment to my professional development.'

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Tracy Calvert

Tracy CalvertMSc Management

‘As a local authority business planning and development officer, I’ve now got the ability to analyse policies at work.’

Jialiang Tang

Jialiang TangMA Concept Art for Games and Animation

‘The tutors have helped me to improve my technique in the expression of ideas, and my skill in painting and concept development.

Anna Karolina Braniecka

Anna Karolina Braniecka MSc IT Management

Anna came from Poland to study here.

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Alastair Little

Alastair LittleMSc Allied Health Professions (with license to practice physiotherapy)

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