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Amelia Bonner

Ameila BonnerMSc Service Improvement

Amelia is managing to study part-time while working full-time – and already benefiting from her studies.

I’m already finding that my course helps me to do my job better.

Meet Amelia Bonner

Emma Mead

Emma MeadPhD research

Emma chose Teesside University because they offered a PhD scholarship in a topic area she was interested in.

A PhD is definitely a worthwhile qualification, it gives you the chance to develop your research skills, preparing you for a career in research.

Meet Emma Mead

Victoria Johnson

Victoria JohnsonMSc Marketing Management

Victoria is completing a master’s in marketing while working part-time – in a marketing job.

The teaching staff were inspiring, especially because of their business experience.

Meet Victoria Johnson

Andrea Darling

Andrea DarlingMSc Criminology

Andrea has progressed from her taught master’s to start a PhD.

Meet Andrea Darling

Joseph Kean

Joseph KeanContemporary Issues in Drug Use, MSc

Joseph was a drug advice worker, who had experience of a number of different statutory and voluntary social service sector jobs, but little focus and specialism. Studying an MSc part time at Teesside University allowed him to address this, and since graduating he has gained promotion.

I feel that the combination of my qualifications and experience have prepared me to undertake more senior roles.

Meet Joseph Kean

Daniel Kolodziej

Daniel Kolodziej

Daniel KolodziejMaster of Business Administration (MBA)

Daniel is chief executive of Pollme, a specialist market and customer satisfaction research company that allows people to provide customer feedback and market research though their mobile phone.

Meet Daniel Kolodziej

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