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Graham Slimings

Graham SlimingsMSc Social Research Methods

‘I would recommend the course for anyone working in analysing quantitative and qualitative data.’

Laura Kerridge

Laura GriffithsBSc (Hons) Nursing Studies (Learning Disabilities) and MSc Applied Behaviour Analysis

Staff nurse at Bankfields Court hospital in Middlesbrough

‘Working with people with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour is hard work... The better qualified I am, the better I can help them.’

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Clare Cheverall

Clare CheverallEnglish PhD

Clare came to Teesside because the special areas of interest of our staff suited her planned research topic - and she hasn't been disappointed.

'I’m also looking at how screenwriters adapt Austen’s dialogue for films and TV – what do they keep, and what do they change?'

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Rob Parker

Rob ParkerMA Games Art (Environment)

A shift from advertising to games proved very successful for Rob Parker.

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Richard Mairs

Richard MairsMSc Multimedia Applications

High flying graduate Richard Mairs founded his own multimedia development firm and was selected for a prestigious fellowship in America.

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Oz Eagling

MSc Computing

Oz works in the Technical Infrastructure Group for NDS

'The work I do on a day-to-day basis affects millions of people worldwide.'

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