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Peter Arnold

Peter ArnoldBSc (Hons) Applied Science and Forensic Measurement, 2001

Peter enjoyed skydiving in his spare time, and since he graduated his career has taken off.

The studies were directly relevant to the world of crime scene investigation, as was the additional certificate that I studied for.

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Laura Robson

Laura RobsonDoctorate in Counselling Psychology

‘I’ve now got the necessary skills to work as a psychologist in the NHS. The University is a great place to study.

Stuart Rimmer

Stuart RimmerBA (Hons) Cultural Studies 2000, MSc Enterprise Management 2001, MBA 2004.

Stuart has gone from a first degree and MBA here to a major leadership role.

The analytical skills that you pick up through University help you deal with high volumes of complex information in the world of work.

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David Phillips

David PhillipsMA in Fraud Management

David has taken part-time study all the way to an MA.

I am now able to back up my views on the subject of insurance fraud with some authority, far beyond that of many of my peers.

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Paul Robinson

Paul RobinsonMSc Criminology

Paul’s interest in crime has taken him through a degree to a master’s and now a PhD.

Oz Eagling

MSc Computing

Oz works in the Technical Infrastructure Group for NDS

'The work I do on a day-to-day basis affects millions of people worldwide.'

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