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Alistair Bowden

Alistair BowdenPhD research

Alistair has come to PhD research after a wide variety of work experiences.

I’m looking at strategy in cross-sector social partnerships – the area where the public sector meets business and voluntary organisations.

Meet Alistair Bowden

Emma Mead

Emma MeadPhD research

Emma chose Teesside University because they offered a PhD scholarship in a topic area she was interested in.

A PhD is definitely a worthwhile qualification, it gives you the chance to develop your research skills, preparing you for a career in research.

Meet Emma Mead

Megha Jois Mugur Nagaraj

MA Digital Character Animation

Megha Jois Mugur Nagaraj said she loved everything about her MA Digital Character Animation course.

Meet Megha Jois Mugur Nagaraj

Taib Kasnazany

Taib KasnazanyLLM Criminal Law

Taib studied a criminal law master’s at Teesside to broaden his existing knowledge and experience.

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Chris Robinson

Chris RobinsonMA Creative Writing

Chris is a writer, poet and creative practitioner. She never thought she would have the opportunity to study at university.

'Teesside University opened an entirely new doorway for me.'

Meet Chris Robinson

Sarah Crickmore-Clarke

MSc Multimedia Applications

Sarah came to a career in IT from psychology, a sabbatical and a Teesside master’s.

Meet Sarah Crickmore-Clarke