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Debbie Simmons

Debbie SimmonsMSc Contemporary Issues in Drugs Use

Debbie currently manages a young people’s specialist drug and alcohol service.

My time at Teesside University influenced where I wanted to be within my career and how I could achieve this.

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Sohail Ahmed

Sohail AhmedMSc Process Manufacturing Management

Sohail ensures plant and equipment is reliable and safe, and complies with British and European standards.

'My postgraduate course was certainly a good investment towards my career.'

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Gail Starling

Gail StarlingMSc Contemporary Drug Issues

Gail manages First Steps, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Middlesbrough. This 15-bed centre provides residential drug, alcohol and methadone detoxification programmes, support groups, counselling, key working and outreach support. It also has flats offering semi-independent living for the last stages of rehabilitation.

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Margunn Hindenes

Margunn HindenesBA (Hons) Digital Character Animation and MA Digital Character Animation

Margunn is a 3D animator at Ubisoft Reflections.

'I want to keep working with animation - to be creative and create.'

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Jolien Vleeshouwers

Jolien Vleeshouwers

Jolien VleeshouwersMSc Health Psychology

After completing an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a master's in Health Psychology at Teesside University, Dutch national Jolien Vleeshouwers is working as a research assistant while searching for a PhD.

I would recommend Teesside University as my experiences with the University have been excellent. I would also recommend my course for the same reason.

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Kanisara Kanjanawong

Kanisara Kanjanawong

Kanisara KanjanawongMSc International Management

Kanisara, 27, is from in Thailand.

‘I am happy here every day – I never feel lonely or homesick.’

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