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Kathryn Talbot

Kathryn TalbotMSc Computing

‘I chose this course as I plan to teach and wanted a good range of subject knowledge.’

Kanisara Kanjanawong

Kanisara Kanjanawong

Kanisara KanjanawongMSc International Management

Kanisara, 27, is from in Thailand.

‘I am happy here every day – I never feel lonely or homesick.’

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Sarah Crickmore-Clarke

MSc Multimedia Applications

Sarah came to a career in IT from psychology, a sabbatical and a Teesside master’s.

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Noreen Hussain

Noreen HussainBEng (Hons) Computer Aided Design and Mechanical Engineering, and MSc Advanced Manufacturing Systems

Noreen is a project engineer at DeepOcean UK

'I knew the degree course would provide a solid grounding for interesting opportunities within my career.'

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Shaun Stephenson

Shaun StephensonMSc Computer Graphics (CAGTA)

Shaun is a pre-production and hard surface modeller at Digital Domain in the US.

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John Pascoe

John PascoeMSc Control & Electronics

'My decision to study at Teesside was greatly influenced by the offer of a bursary. This made it unrivalled value. I would really recommend studying here at postgraduate level.'