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Alastair Little

Alastair LittleMSc Allied Health Professions (with license to practice physiotherapy)

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Liu Xin Xin

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

"The International Summer School was very useful preparation. It helped me to improve my English language skills and find out more about the English way of studying."

Joanne Riddle

Joanne RiddleMA Art and Design

Joanne Riddle launched a successful design business after meeting her business partner here at Teesside

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Sue Whitcombe

Doctorate in Counselling Psychology

Sue Whitcombe is researching parental alienation as part of her Doctorate in Counselling Psychology. Her passion for this area of research has resulted in her winning British Psychological Society (BPS) prizes, and it is something she wishes to continue with in her future career.

It was extremely validating to have my work in parental alienation acknowledged by my peers and senior colleagues as important research. My work was published in Counselling Psychology Review, which brought recognition and opportunities from the UK and abroad.

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Thomas Drews

Thomas DrewsMSc Computer Aided and Graphical Technology Applications

Thomas came to Teesside from East Germany in 1990 and benefited from government scholarship.

From the very beginning I always felt very welcome with the students and also the staff.

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Ben Roberts

Ben  RobertsHistory, PhD

Ben always had a love of history so the chance to study it in-depth was an easy one.

The qualifications I’ve gained at Teesside are really essential for me – I want to be an academic historian and history lecturer.

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