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Suvechhya Bastola

Suvechhya BastolaMSc Biotechnology

Suvechhya is from Nepal, Kathmandu.

'It’s all about integration here.'

Meet Suvechhya Bastola

Woraluk Homprasert

Woraluk HomprasertMSc Marketing Management

Woraluk is a community consultant (marketing) at Lebara Norway

'This course combined the latest knowledge in marketing theory with the practical skills that we need, plus real work experience with a British client.'

Meet Woraluk Homprasert

Mengna Zhu

Mengnha ZhuMsC Software Engineering

Mengna came from Shanxi Province in China to study MsC Software Engineering. She now works in local technology company, amBX.

Meet Mengna Zhu

Patrick Berry

Patrick BerryBA (Hons) TV Production Professional Practice and MA Creative Writing

Patrick has set up a successful business using the skill he learned at Teesside.

'The best part was having real-life professionals taking the classes. To have somebody who knows how the industry works and can offer up experience and tips was so valuable.'

Meet Patrick Berry

Sohail Ahmed

Sohail AhmedMSc Process Manufacturing Management

Sohail ensures plant and equipment is reliable and safe, and complies with British and European standards.

'My postgraduate course was certainly a good investment towards my career.'

Meet Sohail Ahmed

Sophie Spence

Sophie  SpenceBSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise (Coaching Science) and MSc Sport Psychology

Sophie is a sports tutor at Hartlepool Sixth Form College.

It’s great being able to teach dedicated students who are passionate about sport.

Meet Sophie Spence