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Andrew Coxon

Andrew Coxon PhD Computing

Andrew Coxon is working towards a PhD after completing his undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Teesside.

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Jesse Dondapati

Jesse DondapatiMSc Biotechnology

Jesse, 26, is from Visakhapatnam in India

'Teesside was one of the few places in the UK that offered the course I wanted.'

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Holly Turner

Holly TurnerMSc Multimedia Applications

I’d heard excellent reports about Teesside’s School of Computing

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David Phillips

David PhillipsMA in Fraud Management

David has taken part-time study all the way to an MA.

I am now able to back up my views on the subject of insurance fraud with some authority, far beyond that of many of my peers.

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Patrick Mhlanga

Patrick MhlangaMSc Management

Studying at Teesside enabled Patrick Mhlanga to fulfil a lifelong dream of working in the fashion and textiles industry.

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Sunil Knaith

MA Concept Art for Games and Animation

Coming to Teesside gave Sunil the chance to meet like minded people and professionals from Atomhawk Design, Rockstar Games and Ubisoft.

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There's only one way to appreciate the campus and what it's like to study here.

When you study a postgraduate course you step up to the next level - a challenge that will change the way you think and work.

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