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Arun Arathilcandoth

Arun ArathilcandothMSc Biotechnology

Arun is a research fellow and business development manager at Avesthagen Ltd

'The laboratory staff were the best – they supported me in every possible way. And Middlesbrough is an excellent choice, especially for an international student.'

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Beverley Marwood

Beverley  MarwoodMSc Physiotherapy

Beverley returned to her hometown to complete an MSc and start a rewarding career.

I gained a great deal of knowledge and experience from my course, particularly from the placements spent working in the NHS, learning first-hand how to apply my skills, build my knowledge and really treat patients.

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Ahmed Ali Mohammed Alkaabi

Ahmed Ali Mohammed AlkaabiMaster of Business Administration (MBA)

‘I saw the course and knew it was just what I was looking for. And there’s a mosque nearby.’

Anil Bhatia

Anil BhatiaMSc Process Manufacturing Management

‘I came to Teesside because of its excellent standard and reputation. I was most impressed by the relationship with industry.’

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Laura Anderson

Laura AndersonTeaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector

A level Psychology teacher, Durham School

'The teaching placement was hard work but very rewarding - a learning experience in itself each and every day.'

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Adam Culkin

Adam CulkinBA (Hons) Marketing; MSc Marketing Management

‘Teesside has a first-rate campus in the centre of the town with a real community feeling.’