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Vik (she/her) and Hazel (she/her)

Vik Brown LGBTQ+ Role Model she/her

Vik and Hazel

In 2013, I gave up a secure job to become a full-time student. At the time, I was a single parent with bills to pay so it was daunting, and I kept questioning whether it was a good idea. I was starting my degree, and I felt completely out of place within my studies as I was so much older than the other students.

I applied for the fitness instructor role as student staff and that's when I met Hazel, who interviewed me. Hazel is great at putting people at ease, which is how she instantly made me feel. She's someone I’ve always been able to be myself around. We've always lifted each other up and supported each other in physical and mental growth.

Hazel supported me through the darkest phase of my life. I had broken down emotionally and mentally, and the doctor had signed me off work because it was affecting my health. Hazel got me in the gym with her and helped remind me how strong I was and will be again. I’ve never told her how much this meant to me.

Not only did I overcome my personal turmoil, but I came out of it stronger and happier than I ever thought possible. She also supported me in taking on the role I do now and for all she’s senior to me, I’ve always felt she’s beside me, lifting me up.

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