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Our graduates are making quite a name for themselves. Find out what they're doing, why and how.

Link to Meet Natalie Aves.

Natalie Aves
Natalie is an audience development and social media manager at Endemol Beyond.

Link to Meet Abigail Skillen.

Abigail Skillen
Abigail’s first degree, volunteer activity and PGCE led her to a teaching job.

Link to Meet Rosemary Stubbs.

Rosemary Stubbs
Rosemary loved the wide choice of modules on her course, and the highlight was her dissertation.

Link to Meet Adam Richardson.

Adam Richardson
Adam came to Teesside University as a mature student - the graduate intern programme led to a permanent job using his new skills.

Link to Meet Sandra Smyth.

Sandra Smyth
Sandra’s course has changed her life in more ways than one.

Link to Meet Carla Keegans.

Carla Keegans
After a successful career in housing, Carla has founded a community interest company.

Link to Meet Jamie Blyth.

Jamie Blyth
Jamie has gone into a job using the skills he learned at Teesside.

Link to Meet Chris  Walter.

Chris Walter
As an assistant content producer for CBeebies Interactive, Chris’s work is downloaded by millions of people.

Link to Meet Leslie Curvis.

Leslie Curvis
Leslie’s volunteer roles while studying led to two dream jobs.

Link to Meet Natasha Magee.

Natasha Magee
Natasha has turned her performing arts degree into a performing career.