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Undergraduate study

Is university for me?

There's no reason why not

University is for anyone who wants to learn something new and gain new opportunities.

Depending on what you want to do with your life, university could be a great way to get there. You’re already here, giving it some thought, so it must be something you can see happening.

There are more than a million people studying in higher education in universities and colleges in the UK, and they study in different ways – full-time, part-time or while they're working – but you can guarantee they’re all having the time of their life.

So, why should you come and join us here at Teesside?

Here’s our 10 top reasons.

  1. You’ll be really interested in what you’re learning – at school you study everything, but at university you choose from hundreds of courses – something that really inspires you. There’s a range of options, from cyber security to midwifery, and forensic science to fashion
  2. The cash – graduates are more likely to get a job than non-graduates, and often a more rewarding or higher paid job
  3. You want to go far – for some professions, like law or nursing, it's essential to have a relevant degree
  4. You could get to travel the world – you’ll meet lecturers and students from all over the world, and you could spend time studying abroad
  5. The work experience opportunities are unreal – some courses provide work experience or built-in placements, so you’re ready to start work once you complete your studies
  6. You’ll be skilled to the max – it’s not only an in-depth knowledge of your subject you’ll develop but a host of transferable skills that will set you up for life, including communication, team work, time management, problem-solving, leadership and organisation
  7. The bunch of people you’ll meet – you’ll make a lot of new friends and contacts at uni. Whether it’s a group study day, a couple of pints in the pub or a day trip to a local city or seaside town, you’ll find you’ve got lots of options for a fantastic and varied social life
  8. You’ll have crazy, once in a lifetime experiences – the atmosphere on campus is buzzing and people are always up for making the most of their university experience so join those societies, get on those nights out and make the most of university facilities, trips and travelling opportunities
  9. The freedom – the world is now your oyster so embrace the independence. You decide when and how you study and when you want to go out, hit the gym or relax. Just be sensible and make sure your studies always take priority
  10. Be the best version of yourself – you’ll never have an opportunity like this again – when you’re at uni you can study, relax, work with international organisations, travel abroad, meet new people, play sport, learn a new skill – the list is endless, but it all gives you the chance to be the best version of yourself, someone who can take on the world

And finally, it’s never too late – you don't necessarily have to be fresh out of school to be able to cash in on a student loan and go to university. We have students from all walks of life who have found that it’s never ever too late to get educated.

Higher education is an investment in your future and an experience that can’t be rivalled. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself here and make the most of every opportunity – savour the moment because it goes very quickly. Come to Teesside University and we’ll make sure you get the most out of your experience.

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