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Undergraduate study

Student support

We're a close knit community and pride ourselves on the accessibility and sensitivity of our support services.

If you need advice and guidance you can find us in Student Life. Our services include help on a range of issues from applications, admissions and finance to careers, disability support and counselling.

Student support

Meningitis vaccine

If you are coming to university for the first time, the NHS recommends that you have a vaccination to prevent meningitis and septicaemia. Your GP may have discussed this with you already, but if not and you would like some advice, local GP practices will be present at Welcome Weekend. You can register as a new patient or ask them about the vaccine. NHS information about the vaccine. You can also find out more about meningitis at

Careers service

The careers service offers an impartial service to help you choose your future career, search for a job or voluntary opportunity, give you advice on your applications and tackling interviews. Our careers website has a whole host of resources and we provide advice by email and drop-in sessions as well as confidential guidance interviews.

Disability support

We provide a service to students who are visually impaired, hearing impaired, wheelchair users or people with mobility difficulties, medical conditions, autism, mental health services users, people with specific learning difficulties (for example, dyslexia) and more. Please get in touch as soon as possible to let us know about any support that you may need. More about our disability support


Our confidential counselling service can support you through any personal or academic difficulties and develop constructive ways forward.

Care leaver support

We are committed to supporting young people in or leaving care to progress to higher education. We offer a range of activities and support to looked after children, care leavers and their care workers to help raise aspirations, provide information and support, and to encourage care leavers to reach their potential.

Faith and Reflection Service

Teesside University is home to students from many different cultures and to people of all faiths and none. We value the diversity of our students and recognise that being able to practice your faith is an important part of the student experience.

Students' Union support

More than just entertainment - you can get advice, support, jobs and pursue sports and hobbies with the Students' Union.

All different, all equal

Teesside University embraces diversity and actively opposes prejudice and is committed to communicating openly, honestly and respectfully at all times.


We are committed to sexual orientation equality and value the rich diversity in our University community. More about sexual orientation equality

Gender and transgender

We are committed to gender identity equality and value the rich diversity in our University community.

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