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Undergraduate study

The Atherton Scholarhip

Investing in your future

If you are applying for an undergraduate full-time course within Teesside University International Business School, you could be eligible for our Atherton scholarship.

Peter Atherton is a Teesside University graduate and successful financial services consultant and equity analyst. He has generously pledged to support two annual scholarships to support new students in Teesside University International Business School.

Peter benefited from a scholarship himself during his studies. And so he is keen to support other students in achieving their ambitions, particularly by being able to take up an industry placement and work-based opportunities during their studies.

Two scholarships available for the 2023-24 academic year

The Atherton scholarship eligibility

This scholarship may be relevant if you face financial difficulty during your studies at Teesside University. You are considered based on the financial circumstances demonstrated in your application statement and other applicant data available to the University.

To apply for one of these scholarships you must also:

  • be applying for the first year of a three-year degree course, not a foundation year
  • demonstrate your high academic potential
  • outline clear plans and ambitions in your application to get involved in career-enhancing activities, such as an internship or placement - and how these would require a scholarship
  • outline your financial circumstances and how the scholarship funds will enable your studies.

You are eligible if you are a UK student, but preference is given to students from the Tees Valley.

Applications are judged based on the information you provide in this application. Each application is considered by a panel of senior staff of the University.

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