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Aimee Wakenshaw

BSc (Hons) Nursing Studies (Learning Disabilities)

Amy is now a registered learning disabilities nurse.

I was supported throughout the transition of being a student to becoming a registered nurse.

Aimee Wakenshaw

Why this particular subject?

I chose this subject because of my passion to achieve equality within health and social care practice. The subject is also constantly changing and improving, incorporating lifelong learning and development.

Tell us about your course

The course combines theory and practical learning methods, both of which are relevant to the field, preparing you for the world of work.

My favourite module was clinical decision making, it prepared me to work well as part of a team and how to overcome some of the contemporary challenges we face daily within modern nursing practice.

Has your time at Teesside University prepared you for work within the health profession?

It certainly has. Prior to studying I worked as a community healthcare assistant but by going to university I was able to enhance and develop my existing skills, by understanding more about the theory behind nursing practice.

Due to the range of experiences I was offered during studying I am able to identify the importance of evidence-based practice and the legal and ethical frameworks involved.

What have you done since leaving Teesside University?

I finished my studies earlier this year and began working as a registered learning disabilities nurse for Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust. They provided me with a six month preceptorship programme where I was supported throughout my transition from being a student to becoming a registered nurse.

I now work in a low secure unit with male patients who have a learning disability.
I feel like a valued member of the team and I am regularly given the opportunity to influence and change future practice.

In the future I am hoping to return to studying with further training relating to physical health skills.

Would you recommend Teesside University and your course?

Yes, I would strongly recommend both. The University itself has a good reputation in terms of student satisfaction and the staff try their best to make your time at the University as valuable as possible. Staff are approachable and support you wherever they can.

I also feel that in comparison to friends who have attended other universities the content of the course is more tailored to supporting future progression and has made me a more resilient practitioner.

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