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Matthew Protheroe-Hill

BSc (Hons) Cybersecurity and Networks

Matthew is enjoying a career change and is already eager to start a career in Cybersecurity

Getting a degree in Cybersecurity and Networks will be the perfect platform for me.

Matthew Protheroe-Hill

Why Cybersecurity and Networks?

Cybersecurity is fascinating to me and seems to present unlimited opportunities for the future.

Computing also runs in my family and it has always been an interest. My brother graduated with a first-class degree in networking and before that, my father received his diploma in computing also so I have followed suit in that respect.

What is the best thing about your course?

Aside from the obvious enjoyment of learning, I love the friendships I share with like-minded peers and my new-found friends. Having a great group of people around you to support you, compete with you to spur you on, and have fun with is invaluable and has made university life an unforgettable experience so far.

Tell us more about the campus

The campus itself is fantastic. From the facilities to even just some of the architecture. The University had just invested heavily in the new state-of-the-art library when I started, which sits between the futuristic Curve building and the Students’ Union. The IT labs and computers are right up to date and a pleasure to work with.

What has your social life been like?

For me, everything revolves around the Students’ Union. It’s a great place where you can socialise, study or find help with all things uni related. There are student discounts available and there are always events on. My friends and I often have a wander into town between lectures to have a look at the high street shops and there’s pretty much everything you need there if you can’t get it on campus. There are also several pubs on campus that offer great value and a cheap fun night out too.

Are you a member of any clubs or societies?

I’m one of the founding members of last year’s winning societies at the Students’ Union Society Awards 2017-18. We won the Best New Society Award.

A group of friends and I set up NET Ethical Hacking & Hardware Society to promote cyber awareness and security for students and small businesses in the local community. I am also a student ambassador for the School of Computing, Media & the Arts and regularly hold seminars, workshops and lectures for school pupils looking at their options for the future.

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