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Godly Shagee

BEng (Hons) Aerospace Engineering

Having always had a passion for flight, aerospace engineering has been a perfect choice for Godly.

I’ve developed so many new skills at Teesside including communication and team work.

Godly  Shagee

Why Teesside?

University was the next step for me after completing my A levels. The university environment was really appealing to me and I enjoyed studying. I chose Teesside as it offered so many extra opportunities on top of my course – I was attracted to the student ambassador scheme and the University’s volunteering service, Volun-Tees for example.

Why did you choose your subject?

I have always had a passion for space and flight. I loved learning about planets and stars as a child and as I grew up my interest turned to the engineering side of things. I knew the University had fantastic facilities and offered trips to great places, such as RAF Leeming, so this was also an attraction. I am thoroughly enjoying my course as it enables me to put my passion into my study.

What do you like most about your course?

All of the modules are relevant and very interesting. The lecturers are all great and all keen to help if needed. One of my favourite modules so far has been the aircraft principles module – it teaches you the basics of an aircraft and we even visited an aircraft in a hangar to put our learning into context!

What do you think about the University’s campus and services?

The campus is small and all together so finding your way around is easy. The library and Students’ Union are close by so everything you need is really accessible. The careers service is excellent and can offer great advice on CV building and job applications – it really helps you get job ready.

Do you take part in any extracurricular activities or part-time work?

I was a course representative in my first year which gave me some great skills including data collection and communication. I’m also a student ambassador which means I give the University a helping hand at many of our external and internal events. The ambassador programme is brilliant as it allows you to work flexibly in a variety of roles and environments whilst gaining valuable skills.

I’ve also volunteered at a learning centre where I have helped younger students to prepare for interviews and job applications. There are lots of opportunities to get involved at Teesside.

What do you think about Middlesbrough and the surrounding area?

I have lived in Middlesbrough for around ten years now and it’s a great and evolving town. There are so many things to see and do, including the iconic Transporter Bridge and Middlesbrough’s Dorman Museum. Middlesbrough is also known for it’s unique parmo dish – a heavenly combination of fried chicken, cheese and béchamel sauce. If you’re new to the area you definitely have to try it!

What skills have you gained at Teesside that you feel will help you in your chosen career?

I’ve developed so many new skills at Teesside including communication and team work. I’ve learnt a lot through my course and through my work as a student ambassador. I’m applying for industrial placements at the moment and this work experience will really help me when it comes to applying for graduate jobs in the aerospace sector.

Would you recommend Teesside University and your course?

I would totally recommend Teesside University and my course! Teesside is such a great place to study – it offers so many opportunities to thrive and enhance your skills. My course is very interesting and fun to study – I am becoming so prepared for the world of work.

I’d advise anyone considering applying to Teesside to go for it. Settling into university is easy and there’s tons of support available if you need an extra hand. These few years will be the best in your life so make the most of it!

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