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Ruth Barnes

BA (Hons) Business with Accountancy

The range of modules is great, they’re so diverse covering different areas of business and accountancy.

Ruth  Barnes

Why Teesside?

The location is ideal as I live locally, however the wide range of courses also attracted me. Teesside has a great supportive network, which enables you to study and gain valuable work experience at the same time which helps increases your employability.

Best thing about your course?

The range of modules is great, they’re so diverse covering different areas of business and accountancy. Each module provides a foundation of knowledge that you can use and apply to the other modules. The course is designed in a way that means you constantly learning new theories and models. My favourite module is Understanding Organisations – it explores the business and strategic management of Cadburys from a historical and contemporary perspective.

How are the services on campus?

The library is amazing. As a student I feel incredibly lucky to be at a University that invests so much in student support. There are thousands of business-related resources in the library and online, which have helped a lot. Student Futures is also extremely helpful. The advisors are lovely providing you with all the information you need to enhance your career prospects.

What do you think about Middlesbrough?

Middlesbrough has something for everyone. My favourite part about the area are the peaceful parks, woodlands and beaches that are only a short journey away. It’s nice to always have somewhere relaxing to go in between your studies.

What advice would you give prospetive students?

Make sure you explore what support and resources are available to you. And definitely build networks with other students, especially those who have experiences to share. Building a network while at university will help you after you graduate.

Would you recommend Teesside?

Teesside is a great University, there are so many benefits to studying here. It is great to meet new people thanks to all the events and activities held throughout the year. And I would highly recommend studying business with accountancy.

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