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Bethany Wilson

Bethany Wilson

BSc (Hons) Diagnostic Radiography

Why diagnostic radiography at Teesside?

I knew I wanted to help people and I love photography, so I decided to mix the two. X-rays fascinated me and the science behind them interested me as well. I decided radiography was the right path.

I realised Teesside was the place for me after speaking with student ambassadors at the University’s open day – everyone spoke of the amazing facilities and friendly people.

What do you like most about your course?

My favourite part is the placement which is 50% of the course. I enjoy learning on the job and working with patients – five minutes with a patient can really brighten their day. The radiographers on my placement are really helpful which has helped build my confidence. Each year we have a different set of competences that we have to complete and get signed off by our placement mentor.

What do you think about the campus and services?

The campus heart is a beautiful open space – with the Library, Students’ Union and Student Life surrounding it. The Library has a range of spaces to study in and you can pop into Student Life if you ever need advice about mental health, finance or careers.

Middlesbrough is a low-cost, compact town with shops, bars and cafes within walking distance. And if you ever fancy going to the beach you can always get a train or bus to Redcar or Saltburn.

Any additional activity?

I’m a student ambassador. It’s a flexible job which has allowed me to meet lots of other students and learn about different courses. It’s been a great way to build my skills and enhance my CV. I have worked at open days, school events and the residential
summer school.

What skills have you gained at Teesside?

My course has allowed me to develop the skills and experience I need to become a radiographer. Being a student ambassador has also developed my confidence in speaking to the public, which is a vital skill working in healthcare.

Would you recommend your course?

Definitely! I have loved Teesside University. The lecturers are really helpful and make the course interesting. For someone thinking about studying diagnostic radiography, I would say be prepared to do a lot of hard work, and make sure you socialise with everyone on your course as they can help you with all the difficult topics.