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Martha Warr

MEng Chemical Engineering

I love the challenge the course brings. Solving complex problems is something I am passionate about as the outcome is rewarding.

Martha Warr

Why Teesside?

I live in Teesside, so it is my local university, it also has a great reputation. Once I started doing research on the course I wanted to study, a lot of the other universities seemed really overwhelming and didn’t have the practical aspects I was looking for in a course. The course at Teesside offered more than enough practical sessions and the content was clearly explained on the website.

Why chemical engineering?

I have always been really good at maths and science as well as solving practical problems. When I started applying to university, I attended an open day at Teesside. The lecturers I spoke to told me how much of the course was problem solving and critical thinking and I was sold immediately.

Best thing about the course?

I love the challenge the course brings. Solving complex problems is something I am passionate about as the outcome is rewarding. My course ensures that you are always thinking about issues and problems critically which is a great way to learn.

Favourite module?

My favourite module was the third-year Group Project. It provided great insight, not only into how to work as a team, but also how projects are designed in industry and all the rigorous testing that is needed.

How are the facilities?

All of the facilities are new and modern which makes studying more enjoyable. The campus is friendly and welcoming for new students which is great, you’re never going to get lost looking for your next lesson! I always work in the library and love that there are different floors, each based on one of the four seasons, each one gives off its own unique atmosphere which makes studying enjoyable and relaxing.

How is Middlesbrough?

There is plenty of stuff to do in Middlesbrough. There are lots of cafes, restaurants, and bars to go to when you need to relax. The night life is really good and there’s plenty of activities going on at the Students’ Union. If you aren’t interested in that part of the town, there are so many beautiful places to visit in the countryside just outside of Middlesbrough.

What skills have you gained at Teesside?

I have gained a good understanding of how to apply theoretical knowledge to real-life scenarios, as well as what is required in industry. Thanks to my course I am well versed in areas such as renewable energy, optimisation in oil and gas and more. This means that whichever discipline I choose to pursue I am prepared.

Ambitions for the future?

I want to be a chemical engineer so I will be looking for roles that help me achieve that. I have an interest in renewable and sustainable energy so working for a company that offers a role that covers my interest will be ideal.

Would you recommend Teesside?

I would recommend Teesside to anyone that wants to study chemical engineering. The course is full of great lecturers who are always willing to help outside of lessons and make sure you have the best experience at the University. You are always pushed to do your best and completing placements is always encouraged so you are best prepared for life after Teesside.