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Daisy Bisangwa

BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering

Daisy came from Uganda to study a degree in civil engineering

The modules are challenging, encourage application of what you learn and the course itself prepares you for a successful career in the

Daisy Bisangwa

Why university?

I’m from Uganda, where the only route into higher education is university, so this was the natural choice for me after completing high school.

Why Teesside?

The course included a year in industry, which I think will prove to be really valuable when I’m applying for jobs as I can demonstrate the knowledge and skills gained from the placement.

Why civil engineering?

In high school I enjoyed studying maths and physics and did well in them, so decided to pursue a career that involved working with these subjects. After some research I realised civil engineering appealed to me the most, I love how the subject is always evolving and producing new and innovative ideas.

Favourite modules?

I really enjoy modules that involve calculations, such as Structural Mechanics, Engineering Mathematics and Geotechnical Design.

Tell us about your work placement

I moved to Manchester for my placement, which was exciting and a completely different experience for me. I also completed a summer placement with a local engineering consultancy, this allowed me to apply knowledge learnt from the course and put it into practice.

What skills have you learnt?

Working on group projects has allowed me to develop my team work skills. Civil engineers work with people from many other disciplines such as architects, builders, projects manager and technicians, so this is a key skill I will be able to apply on a daily basis.

Best thing about the University?

The size of the campus means it’s really easy to find your way around and the facilities are amazing, with something for everyone. There is lots of support available, the library offers workshops on structuring your assignments, critical thinking and referencing and the careers service provide support with job applications.

What do you think about Middlesbrough?

It’s a really friendly student town and because the campus is so close to local amenities, you're able to strike a balance between being a student and enjoying a social life. There are lots of part time jobs available in the area so a great opportunity to earn a bit of extra money.

What do you get involved in outside of your studies?

I’m a member of the civil engineering society and held the position of vice chair for a year. I’m also employed as a student ambassador, working on university events such as open days. This has been a wonderful experience, I’ve met lots of different people and made some good friends.

Future ambitions?

I'm working towards becoming a chartered civil engineer.

Would you recommend your course?

Yes, lecturers are knowledgeable, supportive and accessible. The modules are challenging, encourage application of what you learn and the course itself prepares you for a successful career in the profession.

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