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James Wren

BSc (Hons) Paramedic Practice

My time at Teesside gave me the confidence and capability to reach my goals. I am forever grateful for my time there and to everyone who supported me.

James Wren

Why Teesside?

The facilities and experienced teaching staff were excellent. I knew I would be supported and gain a firm foundation for my career.

Best thing about your course?

Learning alongside other students, sharing our experiences and supporting each other. I created great bonds that gave me the ability to reflect and learn from others.
By the end of the course we had all developed into confident and capable paramedics. We keep in contact and meet up to chat about our university days.

The teaching staff were fantastic, approachable and really passionate about their subject. As experienced paramedics they were able to offer first hand accounts into the role and prepared me for what to expect in the field.

What did you think about the facilities?

Excellent, especially the simulated ambulance – Simbulance. We used realistic mannequins, which talk, move and replicate symptoms of illness, learnt how to suture using skin sim and gain IV access through cannulation arms. We experienced using equipment such as defibrillators, monitoring devices, mock medications, clinical tools and extrication devices.

We utilised the crime scene house to practice trauma and critical illness skills and the vehicle examination lab to replicate road traffic collisions. This was a great experience, learning how to remove a patient from a really compact space.

Did you go on placement?

I was assigned a practice educator within a local ambulance trust who facilitated my learning throughout the course. They were excellent, adaptive, ready to encourage and offer constructive feedback and ensured my learning continually developed.

I also completed various placements in areas such as Great North Air Ambulance Service, mental health crisis, HART, community healthcare, paediatric assessment unit, A&E, gastroenterology, and respiratory wards. I gained a holistic understanding of healthcare, learning from specialists and recognising the signs, symptoms, and treatments of illnesses. It was a GP surgery placement I enjoyed the most, gaining an insight in the broad spectrum of illness managed within primary care and inspiring me to become a practicing paramedic within this area.

What are you doing now?

I’m a primary care paramedic advanced clinical practitioner at Haxby Group in York. My role involves consulting with patients with acute and chronic medical complaints, prescribing medication and utilising advanced assessments. I’ve been able to develop my clinical and decision-making skills and have used my academic skills to gain an MSc Advanced Clinical Practice with distinction.

Would you recommend Teesside University?

Absolutely. My time at Teesside gave me the confidence and capability to reach my goals. I am forever grateful for my time there and to everyone who supported me.

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