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Ruqayyah El-Dharrat

BSc (Hons) Midwifery

The experience and interactions with mentoring midwives and mothers are irreplaceable and invaluable.

Ruqayyah El-Dharrat

Why university and why Teesside?

I chose to go to university because it has always been my passion to care holistically for new-borns, mothers and their families. I knew if I wanted to pursue this I would need to go to a credible university, such as Teesside University to attain a degree.

Why did you choose your subject?

Initially I was torn between child nursing and midwifery, however the more I began to research the more I realised that my true calling is midwifery. The structure of the course is 50% theory and 50% practical, learning first the theoretical foundations then implementing it into practice placements. The experience and interactions with mentoring midwives and mothers are irreplaceable and invaluable.

What do you think about the campus and the services offered?

The campus looks and feels modern and the facilities available are constantly being updated. The library is open 24 hours and always has a member of staff willing to answer any questions or signpost you to departments that can help further support your needs.
Middlesbrough is a growing town and increasing in diversity. There are plenty of scenic walks in the surrounding areas and beautiful seasides to visit. It is well situated between Newcastle and Leeds, the train station having a direct line from Middlesbrough to Manchester which is very useful for commuting and travel.

Are you a member of any clubs or societies, a course rep or student ambassador?

I am currently working as a PASS leader, helping and supporting first year students who may be struggling with anatomy and physiology. I was provided with training by the university which will be an excellent way of gaining experience and further adding qualifications to my CV.

Have you been on a placement?

I have worked within my community as a student midwife, it has been the highlight of my course and I thoroughly look forward to my others placements in the coming months. I’ve gained a vast amount of knowledge and skills through my interactions and connections.

What skills have you gained at Teesside that you feel will help you in your chosen career?

I have developed and enhanced my knowledge around anatomy and physiology, public health, learning to care holistically for mothers, partners, families and communities, research and acting accordingly to evidence based practices. I have surprised myself with the ability to effectively communicate, interact and form meaningful attachments with individuals from all backgrounds and cultures, this is my greatest and dearest achievement.

What are your ambitions for the future?

I hope to graduate with a first, making my family proud. I want to be the best version of myself in all aspects of life, to be kind, caring and a role model for future generations, most importantly to please God by making a positive change in someone's life no matter how small.

Would you recommend Teesside University and your course?

Definitely due to the staff going above and beyond with their efforts to support us as a cohort. They are always encouraging us to be the best that we can be, I could not do it without them. Come to Teesside University and start achieving your dreams, they will soon become a reality.

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