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Simon Newbold

DipHE Operating Department Practice*

Simon is now the clinical educator of a busy multispecialty centre at Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS.

I would recommend my course and profession all day long. There is nothing better than seeing the impact you’re making...

Simon Newbold

Why this course?

I chose operating department practice because it’s allowed me to work with all age groups and backgrounds. It also gives me a huge sense of job satisfaction knowing I’m part of a team that’s changing and saving lives.

I would recommend my course and profession all day long. There is nothing better than seeing the impact you’re making, and working in a caring industry that’s all about supporting your community.

I’ve previously served in the British Army and with a local police service where I felt I was small cog in a much larger machine. It sometimes made it difficult to see the difference you were making in people’s lives.

Why Teesside?

I found out about Teesside through practitioners that had previously studied there. The lecturers were approachable and supportive, and the modern facilities were essential in my learning journey.

How has university prepared you?

The training I received, both at the University and my clinical placements, meant that from the day I graduated I could become a useful member of any multidisciplinary theatre team, supporting and caring for patients from a variety of backgrounds.

The facilities at Teesside University were fantastic. It was great to use simulation to help prepare for clinical placements.

What came next?

I’ve remained within the NHS, working predominantly as a scrub practitioner in trauma and orthopaedics across different trusts. Shortly before I started my current role, I switched to anaesthetics and recovery. This helped me become a better peri-operative practitioner to support staff and learners across multiple disciplines.

What now?

As the clinical educator of a busy multispecialty centre, I’m responsible for training over 70 staff. I provide training linked to incidents or complaints, supporting overseas nurses within specialties (admissions, anaesthetics, recovery, discharge, scrub), the learning needs of staff and learners, and local and trust preceptorship programmes and local induction programmes.

I also support recruiting new staff, developing and reviewing training packages and helping deliver mandatory training. I take an active part in auditing clinical areas to ensure compliance with trust policies and guidelines.

I’ve been privileged to be a part of the team preparing the clinical area and its staff for the arrival of nursing and ODP students. We aim to best facilitate their learning and support them while they are with us.

What next?

I’m still new to my current role, so my focus is on learning and improving my knowledge base to support those following into the profession. In the future, I intend to go on and study further, to become a better practitioner and educator.

*Simon's course is now available as a full degree - BSc (Hons) Operating Department Practice Studies

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