Postgraduate study

Law, Policing & Investigation

Teesside University has provided law courses for over 40 years. All our masters courses are underpinned by research at a national and international level and we are committed to providing the best possible experience for our students. Some of our graduates have successfully published in academic journals after completing their postgraduate studies.

Law, Policing & Investigation facilities

The School of Social Sciences, Business & Law is equipped with excellent facilities, including a courtroom that replicates Teesside Combined Court. The courtroom has all the features of a modern court and can be used as a fully functioning facility. Our specialist crime scene house is one of only a few such facilities in the country.


  Course title Qualification Full-time Part-time  
CILEx Graduate Fast-track Diploma No Yes View course
Criminal Investigation MSc Yes Yes View course
LLM Master of Laws Yes Yes View course
LLM (Criminal Law) Master of Laws Yes Yes View course
LLM (International Law) Master of Laws Yes Yes View course
LLM (Medical Law) Master of Laws Yes Yes View course

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Quality teaching

The Quality Assurance Agency commended us for our high standard of learning and teaching during its audit of law provision. Many of our lecturers are closely connected to the legal profession in the region, drawing on the knowledge and expertise of local practitioners, both Bench and Bar.

First-class facilities

Law is based in the Clarendon building with its specialist teaching facilities, an open-access computing laboratory and a student centre. We have a working law clinic and our own courtroom which is an exact replica of one of the courtrooms at Teesside Combined Court, and can be set up to simulate Family, Crown or Magistrates’ Court hearings. Our replica police station includes an interview room, examination room, custody office and front desk.


Our staff are at the forefront of law research at both national and international levels. Topics include youth crime and the rights of the child, criminal defences, the mental element in crime, criminal justice, human rights, international law and commerce.

We offer full-time or part-time research degree opportunities at master of philosophy (MPhil) and doctor of philosophy (PhD) level in a wide range of subject areas. There are also opportunities to study for a work-based master's in professional studies (MProf) or doctorate in professional studies (DProf).

Areas of expertise include:

  • youth crime and youth justice
  • crime and community cohesion
  • domestic violence
  • criminal justice
  • drugs and criminal careers
  • sexual abuse
  • policing and criminal justice
  • homicide investigation
  • organised crime
  • mental state defences in criminal law
  • recklessness in criminal law
  • law and the unborn child
  • physician assisted death
  • lawful and unlawful killing
  • criminal liability of companies and their officers
  • transnational organised crime
  • police corruption
  • youth, crime and family law
  • police and the family

The Social Futures Institute
Members of our research team have an established track record in the evaluation of policy initiatives and services surrounding neighbourhood renewal, crime and criminal justice, public health, education, social cohesion and neighbourhood management. We also help agencies design new services or rethink existing ways of working. Currently we are taking part in the development of the North East Centre for Excellence in Regeneration, ONE Worklessness Intelligence Group and the Voluntary and Community Sector Task Force.


  • Superb facilities include a replica courtroom, police station and 30-room crime scene house
  • Join a postgraduate course that prepares you for a career in law, criminal justice, the police, management or research
  • Benefit from our close connections with the legal profession and the knowledge and expertise of local practitioners – solicitors, barristers and judges
  • Our active Law and Mooting Society participates in internal and external competitions