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Postgraduate study
Master of Business Administration (Applied)

Master of Business Administration (Applied) MBA

In a challenging and complex economic climate, there is an ever-increasing demand for reflective, entrepreneurial and responsible business leaders with the necessary skills, understanding and acumen to tackle the difficult challenges facing organisations of all sizes. Our MBA (Applied) programme is designed to develop and enhance your strategic leadership skills to meet this demand.


Course overview


Study an MBA

Our MBA is an internationally recognised qualification that creates future-ready business leaders. Find out more about studying this course at Teesside.

You explore topics that will enhance your knowledge of key concepts as well as having the opportunity to directly apply skills by working on real-time projects with our partners, contributing to the organisation and enhancing your own development.By studying our MBA you not only gain an internationally-recognised qualification, but you will be competent to make an immediate impact in the workplace. This particular MBA allows you to develop employability skills and gain UK experience to further enhance your employability. If you aspire to make a significant contribution by leading at a strategic level, this is the coursefor you. On completion of the MBA (Applied) programme you will:

  • think and act entrepreneurially to lead through uncertain and rapidly changing conditions in the global business environment
  • be a responsible leader able to work with a diverse range of teams, in a variety of cultural contexts
  • be international in your outlook and understand the challenges and opportunities the global business environment presents businesses
  • have a deep understanding of the functions of business and appreciate the importance of functional collaboration to achieve organisational goals
  • be a self-reflective practitioner with acute awareness of your self-identity and values
  • understand the importance of the role of business in society.
Study this course and you may be eligible for a £2,500 Sir Keith Skeoch postgraduate scholarship.

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Course details

Course structure

Core modules

Advanced Practice

Advanced practice develops you experience and allows you to gain real-world practical experience to enhance your employability and learning. You receive preparatory sessions so you can apply for internships which normally include research or project-based, opportunities, employer-led, work based opportunities. Work based internships with external organisations based offsite. You explore advanced practice opportunities to enhance your skill set and meet aspirations, related to your course. You are assessed through a reflective assessment equivalent to 3,000 words marked on a pass/fail basis. This module does not count towards the overall classification of the degree.

Current Issues in Business and Society

In a rapidly changing world, businesses and society face many challenges, opportunities and dilemmas. You explore these issues, drawing on multidisciplinary thought leadership, including business, social sciences and the humanities. This approach develops your critical thinking and exposes you to different perspectives to enhance your managerial decision-making skills. The module takes inspiration from the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a basis for topical content, adapted to the dynamic nature of the global business environment and what is happening in the world at the time of delivery. In addition, this module provides inspiration and ideas for research with the hope that you take a much more critical approach to your research – given the exposure to a wider theoretical and contextual base.

Entrepreneurial Leadership

You consider the nature of entrepreneurial leadership, with a specific focus towards structure, culture and strategy. You utilise a range of case studies and live examples and inspect selected strategy development concepts, linked to public, private and third-sector organisations. You evaluate the relationship between entrepreneurial leadership and organisational performance.

Global strategy: Challenges and Choices

As the global business environment becomes ever more complex and volatile, there is a need for organisations of all shapes and sizes to think and act more entrepreneurially, innovatively and creatively in order to be able to change and adapt. This interdisciplinary module provides you with an understanding of the internal and external factors that impact strategic decision-making. You are introduced to a variety of strategic theories, tools and concepts, all in the context of the external environment and its impact on strategic challenges and choices. You are exposed to a variety of academic and practical material that you apply to your own organisation, or a live-case organisation, in order to appreciate the importance of developing and implementing innovative strategic plans for the success of the organisation, its key stakeholders and society more broadly.

Leading Yourself and Others

You develop your self-reflection and self-leadership skills and engage with 360-degree analytical tools to help identify your personal leadership strengths and areas for development. In a fast-paced 21st-century organisation, leaders need to be adept at navigating internal and external challenges, therefore a creative and entrepreneurial approach to leadership is essential to organisational agility and success. Through action learning sets and working with peers, you develop skills in coaching and mentoring to develop the teams in your organisation.

MBA Dissertation

You integrate learning and development and synthesise knowledge and understanding of theory and practice. You work towards this through undertaking a major project related to a business issue of significance within your organisation(s).

The Sustainable Organisation

You are introduced to the concept of the sustainable organisation, with a particular emphasis towards socio-economic impact. You analyse the relationship between various stakeholders and evaluate the relationship between entrepreneurship, philanthropy and sustainability. You gain an understanding of business in society and contemporary issues relating to philanthropy, and consider the role of government and policy-makers in shaping the legal, fiscal and cultural context for philanthropy and classical economics, and the role of the rational economic organisation.


Modules offered may vary.


How you learn

A range of learning methods are used to develop your knowledge and understanding, including workshops, field trips, live case studies and projects, simulations, action learning sets and a variety of blended methods, using the latest learning technologies.

The programme places an emphasis on the global context of business. You learn authentically with and through your peers to develop solutions to strategic challenges in organisations. You undertake an international learning experience during which you complete a project requiring you to apply your knowledge to a live strategic business challenge as part of the Global Strategy: Challenges and Choices module.

Our MBA (Applied) goes beyond business knowledge. Its primary focus is on the application of knowledge through acting on strategic challenges. You will develop your leadership abilities through the Leading Yourself and Others module during which you learn about yourself, your values and beliefs and how you are perceived by others. Through coaching and action learning sets, you enhance your skills as a strategic leader to positively influence those around you.

A research informed approach to teaching permeates the programme, exposing you to the latest thought leadership in aspects of entrepreneurship, leadership and management and other disciplines through the multi-disciplinary Current Issues in Business and Society module. This research informed approach goes beyond academic research and includes professional and applied research, informed and delivered by a vast network of business professionals who engage with the programme through guest lectures and projects.

How you are assessed

The programme adopts a range of formative and summative assessment methods to suit the demands and requirements of the applied nature of the programme. These include business reports, case study analysis, presentations, self-diagnostic assessments, reflective reports and a research proposal and associated dissertation.


Entry requirements

You must be an honours graduate of any discipline, with a minimum of a 2.2 obtained from a recognised University, or hold an equivalent professional qualification acceptable to Teesside University Business School. You must also have a minimum of two years, graduate level, full time work experience in a relevant role (e.g. management / administrative / professional / supervisory capacity).

You may still be considered for entry if you do not meet these criteria if you have significant management experience and/or a record of achievement in business and leadership.

Given the work-based approach to assessment that underpins this programme, there is an expectation that applicants are currently/have been employed (preferably in management roles) and will be able to refer to their roles and their organisations in the completion of their assessments.

Students whose first language is not English must demonstrate proficiency in the English language equivalent to IELTS 6.5.

Advanced standing

Applicants who have completed a recent level 7 business related professional qualification may be offered advanced standing onto the programme. Given the diverse range of professional qualifications and the diverse range of credit value for these qualifications, applications will be considered on an individual basis following the University’s Recognition of Prior Learning process.

For general information please see our overview of entry requirements

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Career opportunities

You gain real-world practical experience that involves working on a project or internship, so you get valuable UK experience to enhance your global career prospects.

Typically graduates move into general or senior management and strategic leadership roles, internal consultant/project leadership roles or into external consultancy roles. You build on your existing work experience and skills, and the programme enhances your ability to lead and manage change.


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Professional accreditation

Chartered Management Institute

The course is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). On successful completion of the MBA, students may be eligible to apply for a CMI level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Practice*.

*Applications must be submitted by the university to the CMI and learners may be subject to an accreditation fee (set by the CMI).


2024/25 entry

Fee for UK applicants
£6,675 a year

Not eligible for any fee discounts

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Fee for international applicants
£8,500 a year

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  • Length: September enrolment: 20 months, including a summer break; January enrolment: 2 years, including two summer breaks
  • Start date: September or January
  • Semester dates

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