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Fees and scholarships

Information on costs, scholarships and discounts for international students.


International students

The tuition fee stated is the full cost of the programme.

Fees for international students

September 2023 | January 2024 Entry

Standard fees Fee
Undergraduate, full-time £
Undergraduate degree - placement year £1,350
Undergraduate degree £15,000
Integrated Master's Final Year £15,000
Integrated Master's (standard four years) (MSc, MComp, MEng, Msci) £60,000 total
Postgraduate, full-time £
Postgraduate Diploma (PgDip) £14,250
Postgraduate taught degree (MSc/MA) one-year £15,000
Postgraduate taught degree (MSc/MA) two-years (Advanced practice/Applied courses) £18,000 (£9,000 per year)
Full-time Research Degree Standard tier *** £11,750
Full-time Research Degree Enhanced tier *** £14,500
Part-time Research Degree distance learning International *** £5,875
Research Degree Writing up fee £650
Non-standard fees Fee
Postgraduate £
Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) (Initial Teacher Training courses) £15,000
MCh Courses £15,000
MSc Sports Rehabilitation (two-year course) - 180 credits £15,000
MSc Sports Rehabilitation (two-year course) - 240 credits £30,000 total (£15,000 per year)
MA Social Work £30,000 total (£15,000 per year)
MBA one-year, full-time £14,300
MBA (Applied) two-year master's, full-time £17,000 total (£8,500 per year over 2 years)
DBA, two years three months, full-time £24,750 total (£12,375 per year over 2 years*)
Doctorate (Health & Social Care, Public Health, Professional Practice, Education) £15,000 total (£7,000 per year)
Professional Doctorate in Business Transformation £24,750 total (£8,250 per year)
Nursing & Health, Pre-Registration, two-years (MSc) (Applied), ** £29,000 total (£14,500 per year***)
Doctorate Counselling Psychology (DCounPsy) £39,150 total (£13,050 per 180 credits)
PhD/Higher Degree by completed work £1,200 (per year)

* £650 writing up fee applicable in year 3 full-time and years 5 and 6 PT

** Includes MSc Occupational Therapy (Pre-Registration) , MSc Physiotherapy (Pre-Registration) , MSc Dietetics (Pre-registration), MSc Diagnostic Radiography (Pre-Registration), MSc Midwifery Studies (Pre-Registration) , PgDip Midwifery Studies(Pre-Registration), MSc Nursing Studies (various routes), MSc Nursing Studies (Adult) (Pre-Registration), MSc Nursing Studies (Child) (Pre-Registration), MSc Nursing Studies (Learning Disabilities) (Pre-Registration), MSc Nursing Studies (Mental Health) (Pre-Registration)

*** International fee for Pre Registration Health 2 year Masters is currently only for MSc Occupational Therapy (Pre-Registration) , MSc Physiotherapy (Pre-Registration) and MSc Diagnostic Radiography (Pre-Registration). MSc Midwifery Studies (Pre-Registration) currently not offered to International students.

EU students

If your course starts on or after 1 August 2021 you will not be eligible for home fee status, undergraduate, postgraduate and further education financial support from Student Finance England unless you meet one of the criteria in the new eligibility rules.

Find out more about support for EU students.

Pre-sessional English course fees

Deposits for self-funding students

If you are an international student funding your own studies, you must pay a deposit of £5,000 before receiving your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) which you need to apply for a Student Visa. You can then either pay the remainder of your course fees either before you enrol or in instalments throughout the academic year.

If you are applying for a Pre-sessional English course the University requires full fees in advance.

If you are refused a visa, we refund your deposit. More information on refunds.

If your visa is issued, the University keeps your deposit.

Scholarships for international students

We are offering an enhanced scholarship scheme for new, eligible applicants for courses beginning from September 2022, in additional to scholarships offered in partnerships with external organisations such as the British Council, among others. Details will be announced on our website very shortly.

Alumni Scholarship

If you are an international student who studied at Teesside University at undergraduate level and you progress to a postgraduate course - or you complete a Master's degree with us and progress to a new postgraduate programme, you are awarded a £1,000 Alumni Scholarship on your first year fees for the next programme. This is providing you apply directly to us and do not use an agent. The £1,000 is awarded as a discount on your first-year fees for the next programme.

Cost of living

You need to provide at least £1,023 per month, up to a maximum of 9 months (£9,207), for the duration of your programme. You must also make sure that you have enough money to pay for your full programme fees.

You'll need to provide evidence that you have the following amount of money available to you:

  • Any outstanding tuition fees owed to Teesside University (this will be your total tuition fee cost for the first year of your course, minus the deposit you have already paid to Teesside University)


  • Maintenance/Living Costs: £1,023* per month for areas outside London, for the duration of the course as stated on your letter/CAS, for a maximum period of 9 months (£9,207)
  • The total amount above must be held for a period of 28 consecutive days (finishing on the date of the closing balance) ending no more than 31 days before the date that your Student Visa application is submitted to UKVI

Payment terms

You must pay a deposit of £5,000 before you enrol at the University. You can pay the remaining balance in up to seven monthly instalments.

Your course fees are fixed at the same level for all the years you study on the same course. As an international you can pay fees in your own currency.

Sponsored students

Your sponsor needs to confirm by letter that they are paying your fees before we can issue your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies. We only accept letters from approved sponsors. You must bring an original copy of your sponsorship letter when you arrive at the University to enrol.

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