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International students

International Student Barometer Survey

The International Student Barometer Survey is an annual survey conducted by i-graduate.

International Student Barometer Survey

About the International Student Barometer Survey

The International Student Barometer Survey specifically provides universities with an understanding of the motivations, expectations and experience of international students studying at participating institutions all over the world.

At Teesside University, we use the Survey to gain insights into the experience we offer to our international students, to identify the things we are doing well and to understand where we need to make improvements.

Participation in the International Student Barometer Autumn (Entry) Wave 2022

In the recent autumn 2022 wave, a total of 1,820 responses were received for Teesside University, resulting in a 34.4% response rate (from a population of 5,291 students).

A total of 119,254 students took part globally, giving feedback on their respective institutions.

Below is a selection of the results received about Teesside University based on feedback from our students.

Global Rankings
Category Teesside global ISB ranking*
Overall satisfaction 5th
Face-to-face orientation 3rd
Enrolment / academic registration 1st
Accessing online learning materials 1st
Virtual onboarding 1st
Social orientation 6th
Learning overall 3rd
Performance feedback 2nd
Course organisation 4th
Course content 7th
Marking criteria 1st
Performance feedback 2nd
Employability 4th
Communication with students 1st
The physical library facilities 1st
Learning spaces 1st
Learning technology 1st
Laboratories 3rd
Online study materials 1st
Virtual learning environment 1st
Online library 2nd
Internet access on campus 2nd
Making friends from my home country 1st
Campus buildings 4th
Support overall 4th
Library service 2nd
Catering 3rd
Personal tutors 5th
Students' Union 6th
Overall happiness 2nd
Value for money 4th
Career goal preparation 3rd

*The ISB collected the views of 1,820 international students at Teesside University, within a survey response of 119,254 students globally and 32,890 in the UK. More info at:

Percentage Satisfaction Scores
Category Teesside
Pre-arrival info 97.3%
Face-to-face orientation 98.9%
Virtual onboarding 98.8%
Enrolment / academic registration 98.1%
Home friends 94.8%
Study sense 95.7%
Accessing online learning materials 97.3%
Meeting academic staff 97.1%
Accommodation Office 91.1%
Introduction to support services 94.6%
Social orientation 93.6%
Formal welcome at the university 95.6%
Introduction to the campus and facilities 93.4%
Social activities 90.3%
Expert lecturers 96.2%
Assessment 96.1%
Submitting work remotely 97.8%
Course content 95.1%
The quality of lectures 95.6%
Performance feedback 95.8%
Marking criteria 95.6%
Good teachers 95.6%
Communicating with tutors 96.3%
Learning support 94.3%
The level of research activity 95.5%
Course organisation 95.6%
Language support 96.2%
Topic selection** 95.8%
Communication with students 94.6%
Studying with people from other cultures 94.1%
Employability 91.5%
Learning spaces 98.2%
The physical library facilities 98.3%
Learning Technology 98.6%
Laboratories 97.8%
Virtual Learning Environment 97.8%
Online Study Materials 98.2%
Online library 97.8%
Internet access on campus 96.9%
Internet access at my accommodation 92.1%
Making friends from my home country 94.1%
Social activities (organised events) 90.9%
Social facilities 91.7%
Campus environment 96.6%
Campus buildings 98.2%
Feeling safe and secure on campus 97.7%
Eco-friendly attitude 97.0%
Worship facilities 92.3%
The transport links to other places 92.5%
Visa advice 91.9%
Counselling Service 97.8%
Caterings 97.3%
Library Service 98.8%
IT Support 98.6%
Students' Union 97.8%
Personal Tutors 97.5%
Disability Services 94.4%
Warden Team 96.2%
International student advisers 97.8%
Clubs / Societies 97.1%
International Admissions & Compliance 93.3%
Accommodation Office 91.0%
Finance Department 90.0%
Careers Service 94.4%
Faith provision 98.2%
Would recommend Teesside University 91.2%
Overall happiness 96.3%
Satisfaction with value for money 92.9%

*Not all students answer all questions. Percentage reflects number of students who responded with either satisfied or very satisfied to the specific question in the survey. In total, 1,820 Teesside University international students participated in the ISB. More info at:

**Postgraduate students only

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