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International students

Qualification verification

As part of the international admissions process for the January 2023 intake and beyond, you will need to verify your academic qualifications.

You can complete this step either by using the University’s Qualification Check portal, or by using another accepted verification method to meet this offer condition.

These are the options available to you:

Qualification Check portal

You can pay to complete a qualification check using the Qualification Check portal.

There is a small cost (usually £30.00) to complete this process. Once the verification is complete, we will be able to see the outcome of your check, and you will automatically receive an ‘ImVerified wallet’ which digitally stores your qualification verifications. This can be shared with all future employers or any other Universities to which you apply.

Download step by step instructions on how to complete the check

Get help from a Teesside University Regional Office

Our Teesside University Regional Office teams in China, South Asia, South East Asia, Pakistan and West Africa may be able to help you to verify your qualifications.

There are a number of different ways that they can complete this process, depending on the type of qualification you need to verify.

See the full details of the verification methods, or contact the teams directly to find out more.

Teesside University Regional Offices:

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