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Prepare for arrival

How to apply for your accommodation and other things you will need to consider

Prepare for arrival

When you get your visa, please let us know. We will then send you a checklist to help you with all the remaining things you need to do.

Importantly, this is the time for you to:

Apply for your accommodation

You must accept a conditional or unconditional course place offer before you can apply for accommodation online.

  • we will send you an email to the email address on your UCAS or application form
  • all applicants are invited to apply for accommodation ‐ if you need accommodation, please complete the online form detailed in the email
  • when we receive your application, we will send you an email acknowledgement of your choices
  • if you don't receive an email acknowledgement, contact us so we can check we've received your application

Allocating accommodation

  • Once you have been allocated a room we will let you know by email
  • A formal offer of the hall and room will be posted to you from May onwards

Confirming accommodation

  • You must accept or reject the offer of accommodation within 14 days
  • If accepting, you will need to pay £150 deposit when you return your acceptance to us ‐ the deposit is refundable if you do not take up your course place
  • Please note ‐ insurance applicants cannot apply at this stage
  • If you need to take up your insurance offer, you will be emailed in August with details of how to apply for accommodation
  • International students must follow the same procedure ‐ please don't wait until you receive the outcome of your visa application

Free meet and greet service for international students

When you have applied for your accommodation, don’t forget to apply for our free Meet and Greet service. You will be welcomed by one of our friendly student ambassadors when you arrive at either Durham Tees Valley or Newcastle International Airport and taken straight to your new home.

Book your meet and greet now

Equality and diversity

We welcome applications from every section of the community as part of our commitment to equality of opportunity within a diverse working and learning environment.

Book your flight

Middlesbrough is close to several airports and is well‐connected by public transport. There are a number of easy ways you can travel to Middlesbrough town centre. Find out more here

Online enrolment

Online enrolment can be completed from anywhere in the world whether you are still in your home country or if you have arrived in the UK.

It should be completed as soon as possible after you have received your CAS. You do not need to wait until have received your visa to complete this part of enrolment.

Download our step-by-step enrolment guide.