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Course status definitions

What is a Suspended Course?

When you click the apply link on certain course pages, you may see that the course is suspended – meaning that no new applications are being accepted at this time.

We have a limited number of places on each course, and once we have received a sufficient number of applications to meet the course quota, we may suspend the course and stop accepting new applications.

If you see your course has been suspended after we have received your application, but before you receive a decision, don’t worry. Your application will still be considered, and you may still receive an offer.

If we receive your application after a course is suspended, you will not be made an offer due to the course being full.

Suspended courses are subject to review and may re-open. You may wish to check the course page again in a few weeks, in case places have become available and the course has re-opened to new applications.

What is a Closed Course?

Closed courses have been permanently closed for the next intake, and are not accepting new applications. We close courses once there are sufficient offer holders to meet the course quota and fill the limited number of places.

Applications received after a course is closed will not be made an offer due to the course being full.

Once a course is closed, it will not be re-opened for that intake, so in this case, you will need to apply for a different intake instead.

What is a ‘Gathered Field’

Some of our courses operate a ‘gathered field’. These courses have very limited places, and applicants will be selected for an interview before they are considered for an offer.

Following the interview, those applicants with the highest scores will receive an offer for their chosen intake, or a deferred offer for a later intake. Applicants with the lowest scores will be unsuccessful.

Some applicants will join a waiting list (the gathered field). Applicants on the waiting list may be offered a place on the course if one become available. This would happen if an offer holder does not take up a place or where the course is able to increase its cohort size.

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