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Adi (he/him) and Amy (she/her)

Aditya Tiwari LGBTQ+ Role Model he/him

Adi and Ami

After getting my master's degree in 2023, I visited India again. When I received a call telling me that I'd been chosen for a post at Teesside, my search for a new direction in life came full circle. Some people may find the thought of doing something like this frightening, but I was too excited to take the time to sit down and consider it. It was a significant change, but everyone at work was amazing.

I met Amy on my first day, but prior to that we'd connected on LinkedIn. One of the first things she told me was to always be who I am, unapologetically, and I was taken aback by her words. The most effective thing you can do is tell someone who has travelled 4,000 miles from home, 'This is your safe space; never be afraid to be yourself.'

She didn't have to do anything, but she did, and to me, that counts as true allyship. As the months went by, I became aware of how similar Amy and I are on the inside - I joke that she's the J.Lo to my Shakira! Outside of work, I did encounter some difficulties and when I was struggling, Amy was always there to help me and provide advice, guidance, and reassurance.

I don't know what the future holds for me... life is transient and to be where we are is a blessing to recognise. But I'm glad I got to know Amy. I will never forget how she helped me during my first months at Teesside.

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