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Apprentice case studies


Claire McLaren Hartlepool Borough Council


"As the strapline says, challenge your thinking, it has certainly challenged mine"

I have just recently finished a two-year course of study for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Teesside University, as part of the Senior Leader Master's Degree Apprenticeship.

By doing it this way, my employer was able to access the Apprenticeship Levy funding to pay for the costs of the MBA. I am thrilled to learn that I have received a distinction for my MBA which would not have been possible without the world-class facilities that are on offer, as well as the world-class teaching which Teesside University provides. The library is amazing, it spans over five floors and has everything imaginable. The library staff will go out of their way to track what you need, to source it and deliver to you the item you need.

The academic staff and the support staff are fantastic. They are super smart, knowledgeable and genuinely really nice people who will do anything they can to support you on your academic journey.

A real highlight for me throughout the MBA has been the opportunity to meet new people and to learn new concepts, ideas and listen to new views about various things in the world. I have met people from different cultures, backgrounds, ethnicities and nationalities and it's been absolutely wonderful to do this.

Many of the people that I have met and many of the experiences I've had would not have been possible had I not been embarking on a course of study and my professional and my personal practice has improved immensely.

Teesside University is a fantastic place to study and I would highly recommend it if you were thinking of doing an undergraduate or a postgraduate qualification.