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Jono Tillson

Jono's degree led to a technical animator role in Canada.

Jono Tillson

BA (Hons) Computer Character Animation

I’ve got a great foundation on which to build on professionally, and it was a truly character-building experience.

What made you decide to study on a higher education course at Teesside?

I knew I wanted to be an animator and work in the film or games industries. Teesside made my short list of Universities to study animation at. I ended up choosing it for the syllabus integration of written and practical exercises. I also looked forward to the experience of living away from home.

What is the best thing about your course?

The companionship that grew between myself and my classmates during the long hours of work. People putting in their best to make something cool and helping each other out was awesome.
I enjoyed the Introduction to Modelling module, it was the first module where everything felt new, and by the end of it I had made something I was proud of.

What do you think about the campus?

The campus was nice and compact, and I enjoyed the layout and facilities of the Library. There was a decent number of shops and clubs, and the cost of rent was low.
I stayed in University accommodation at Parkside Halls in my first year. It was a good way to feel immediately involved in the University experience.
My social life was largely revolved around my course peers.

Have you done a work placement?

I was lucky to do a work placement at MediaMonks, an advertising company in The Netherlands. I worked there for a year as a 3D intern and got exposed to the complete production pipeline, and new, advanced software.

What did you do after graduating?

I got a job immediately through one of my lecturer’s contacts, and due to my early application for a Canadian visa. I work as a Technical Animator at Cinesite Montreal in the Feature Films department. Montreal’s cool (sometimes very cool), and being directly involved in making movies, surrounded by like-minded individuals is a lot of fun. There’s a constant push for artists to improve themselves and I enjoy the motivation and competition.

Has your course helped you to get the job you’re doing?

Yes, I’ve got a great foundation on which to build on professionally, and it was a truly character-building experience. I am grateful to the lecturers who taught me, and it was an incredibly influential part of my life.