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Vicky Kuy

Vicky has enjoyed the diverse nature of her course and is feeling prepared for a career in forensics or analytical chemistry.

Vicky Kuy

BSc (Hons) Forensic Science

I’d recommend Teesside University to others because of the amazing support and facilities on campus.

Why did you choose Teesside University?

I decided to come to Teesside University as I’ve always wanted to work in forensics and to do this I need a degree. I live in Teesside so I thought it’d be worth visiting the University alongside my other UCAS choices.

Once I’d visited I realised that Teesside could offer me what I wanted and that it’d be much easier for me money-wise to stay around home whilst studying.

Why did you choose your particular degree?

I’ve always enjoyed science and I’m really interested in forensics so my degree choice made great sense to me. The diverse nature of my course has been one of the best things about it. A lot of people think that forensics is all crime scenes and murder investigations. But my course has highlighted that there’s a lot more to it. As well as those things it also allows you to explore anthropology, pathology and analytical chemistry. There’s a much wider scope for jobs at the end of it than you might think.

One of my favourite modules in my first year was the anatomy and physiology one. I enjoyed the anthropological aspects of it and the tutor was so enthusiastic – he made the topic a lot of fun and that just made me love the subject even more.

In my second year the expert witness module was my favourite. It helped me to gain a lot of confidence in presenting evidence in court (the University has a mock court room). The module helped me realise that having confidence in your evidence is key, and that presenting this evidence isn’t actually as scary as I’d once thought.

So far this year my favourite module is a close tie between my DNA analysis module and my dissertation. I’m really enjoying my DNA work, it’s really interesting working in the laboratory and creating DNA profiles. I’m also enjoying my dissertation as I’m studying drug analysis. So long as everything goes well with my research there’s a real possibility that my project could make a real difference to others.

What do you think about the University’s campus?

Teesside’s campus is amazing. It’s so easy to navigate once you first arrive and get your bearings. The library is really nice, it’s recently been refurbished and there are some really great places to get yourself set up for work. With it being open 24 hours you can get settled in for as long as you want. I’ve found some really good seats to get comfortable and read through my research and notes.

The Students’ Union is really good. The food is great and the shop has all you might need in terms of stationery and snacks. The campus heart is also located brilliantly, it’s surrounded by pubs and cafes which serve food most of the day. The careers service and support services are also amazing.

I haven’t stayed in University accommodation but many of my friends have and they have nothing but good things to say about it. The cost of living around University isn’t bad. The University is only a five minute walk from town and there are plenty of shops around the campus too. Because I chose Teesside as my first choice university on my UCAS application I got a bursary which was really good.

What are your plans for the future?

I think my degree will help me to achieve my aim of working in forensic fire investigation or analytical chemistry. I’ve been trained to use analytical machinery and I learnt a lot through guest lectures on fire investigation.

I’m planning on doing a master’s degree in forensic science once I graduate.

Would you recommend Teesside to other students?

I’d recommend Teesside University to others because of the amazing support and facilities on campus. The staff are also really helpful – they’ll help you with anything.

There are so many societies and clubs on offer too – there’s a lot to get involved in. I’d really recommend my course to any aspiring scientists. It’s a lot of fun and it’s so diverse.