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Kelly Stevens

BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy

Kelly has had a fulfilling experience at University, completing a number of placements and enjoying her campus surroundings.

Over three years I’ve completed five placements at different places and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them all.

Kelly Stevens

What made you decide to study for an occupational therapy degree?

In college I struggled with my A levels as I didn’t have a revision strategy that worked for me. After my first year I dropped two A levels and picked up a Double Award in health and social care – I had a real interest in this field. My lovely teachers helped me through my studies and I soon realised that health was my strongest subject.

I started to research occupational therapy thanks to a recommendation from my teacher. It seemed a good fit as I’d really enjoyed looking after people and ensuring the best care was given to different people throughout my placements. I liked the fact that one of the major principles of occupational therapy is to ensure high care standards and to motivate others to participate fully in life and get back into their routines and hobbies after experiencing difficulties. I really wanted to help people and I also found out that I could manage well on the starting salary. I was confident that the field of occupational therapy was on the rise and that this would give me good career prospects.

What’s the best thing about your course?

The help and guidance I receive from my lecturers, they are all lovely and very understanding. Meeting new friends and sharing study experiences with peers has also been great. I’ve really enjoyed gathering new skills and reflecting on my learning.

During my studies I’ve been in the Occupational Therapy Society which is good as I can help raise ideas and issues to make the course even better.

What do you think about the University’s campus?

Teesside University’s campus is really good. The Library has recently been refurbished, extended and filled with the latest gadgets and books to ensure you’re successful in your studies.

The Students’ Union also offers great events and great prices. The cost of living in Middlesbrough is really good and you can get lots of student discounts. The shopping centre near campus has everything you need. There are lots of lovely restaurants nearby too – plenty of nice places for couples and friends to get together and enjoy a nice meal.

Have you done any work placements during your studies?

Over three years I’ve completed five placements at different places and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them all. I’ve worked with people with learning disabilities, in a stroke ward, with people in wheelchairs, and also with children and young adults with mental health difficulties.

I gained so many skills and put my theoretical knowledge into practice. My placements have also highlighted what my job may entail once I qualify. I think this is really beneficial these days when some degrees don’t include any practical elements.

Would you recommend Teesside University to others?

I’d definitely recommend my course and Teesside University. There are only a small number of universities that offer this particular course. I received offers for all the universities I’d applied to during the UCAS process, but I chose Teesside as it is rated so highly by past students. Teesside occupational therapy graduates have done really well in their careers.

When I graduate I hope to get a job as an occupational therapist working with people with learning disabilities. I never thought I’d go to university as I didn’t particularly enjoy academic writing. However, as soon as I found something I enjoyed I knew I had to get to university to get to where I am today.

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