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Dillon Wilson

BEng (Hons) Aerospace Engineering with industry

Dillon received the £5,000 Dr Ken Home scholarship to help with his studies.

Being selected for such a prestigious scholarship filled me with confidence to pursue an engineering career.

Dillon Wilson

Why this course at Teesside?

I chose Teesside because of its reputation in industry for engineering degrees – and I was impressed with the facilities I saw during open day visits. I knew people who had studied here who recommended it. Another reason I chose Teesside is because it is my local university and I like the area so wanted to stay and continue my education here.

I applied for aerospace engineering because I’m interested in understanding how and why things work and I have a passion for aviation. I also wanted to challenge myself and aerospace engineering is one of the more complex engineering disciplines.

What do you like about your course?

One of the best things about the course is the facilities available for my course. They help me develop my understanding as I can see theory in action with industrial appliances such as the jet engine and the wind tunnel they have at the University. Another great thing about the course is the amount of group work and collaborative opportunities available to develop key team working skills in preparation for my future career.

What do you think about the campus and services offered?

I think the campus is world class, the investment in the area is clear to see. The services are all very good with the Students’ Union offering a range of goods at affordable prices and the library creates a fantastic environment for learning with collaborative work stations – it’s great for group projects. I would recommend Teesside University because of the excellent standard of teaching as well as the facilities available to help you develop in any engineering discipline.

Have you received any scholarships?

I received the £5,000 Dr Ken Home scholarship which I was eligible for as a local student. It has definitely helped me to excel academically at university – it allowed me to work less hours at part-time jobs, meaning I could spend more time focusing on my course and gain a deeper understanding. The scholarship was also very helpful as it enabled me to purchase the textbooks and equipment I needed to succeed.

Being selected for such a prestigious scholarship filled me with confidence to pursue an engineering career. It was a great honour – being selected meant that my hard work had been noted by an academic organisation. It wasn’t just about receiving money for me – it told me that I have potential.

What are your future plans?

Once I finish my course, I hope to work for an established engineering company. I recently attended an assessment day at Cummins for an industrial placement and was successful, so I will be spending a year working in industry there in Darlington.

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