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Andrew Richardson

Andrew started at Teesside University following his studies at Coleraine Academic Institution.

Andrew Richardson

BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Science

The best thing about Teesside has been the many opportunities I have been offered to gain further experience.

Why your course, and why Teesside?

I wanted to improve my education, better my job prospects and stand out from the crowd. I studied A-Level PE and competed at national and international level in multiple sports so it was a no brainer for me to go on to study sport at university. It’s the field I love working in.

I was attracted to my course as it offered lots of practical sessions – it wasn’t all about textbooks.

I chose Teesside by finding out about the University through UCAS.

What have you enjoyed most about your course?

I thoroughly enjoyed my dissertation. It’s the biggest piece of work in my degree and allowed me to conduct my own research. It’s brilliant to be able to work on your own interests and passions to create some unique research.

Have you taken part in any extra-curricular activities?

Yes – many. The best thing about Teesside has been the many opportunities I have been offered to gain further experience. I’ve been able to get involved in coaching local and university sports teams. I’ve worked in the University gym with a range of sedentary and sporting groups. I’ve also completed a teaching placement and performed live experiments and research projects in the sport labs.

How did you feel about moving away from home?

It was probably the best thing I could have done for my personal development. I’ve become more confident, outgoing, motivated and I am happier overall in myself.

Before starting University if you had told me all of the things I was going to do I wouldn’t have believed you. Being away from home forces you to be independent and become an adult. It teaches you about responsibility, time keeping, organisation, accountability and personal development.

What surprised you about Teesside?

The amount of fellow Northern Irish and also Irish students here at the University was a great surprise.

When I came here I thought I’d be the only one from my country but it was a pleasant surprise to find out what a strong representation there is from the emerald isle. It’s always nice to hear a voice from home.

Would you recommend Teesside University?

100% I would recommend this university. Not just for the course but for the many wider experiences available.

The Students’ Union is brilliant – there are so many clubs and societies. There’s also a great nightlife in and around Middlesbrough and there are so many other lovely areas nearby such as Whitby, Saltburn and Roseberry Topping.

My best advice when coming to university is to put yourself out there – you will reap the rewards. Try everything and anything and you’ll achieve success.

Andrew went on to study MSc Sport & Exercise at Teesside University and is now studying for his PhD at Teesside.