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Ngoli Okide

Ngoli chose Teesside because of the practical nature of the course.

Ngoli Okide

BEng Tech (Hons) Petroleum and Gas Engineering

My course gives me the opportunity to switch to my area of interest within one year.

Why did you choose to study your course?

I initially decided to undertake a chemical engineering course in Ghana. However, I later realised I was more interested in the practical side and found out Teesside offers a course that was exactly what I was looking for.

What do you like most about your course?

It gives me the opportunity to switch to my area of interest within one year. It also allows me to obtain a BEng degree in petroleum engineering to further equip me and give me the necessary background knowledge required to pursue a career in the industry.

Which modules were your favourite?

All the modules are really well taught and provide me with necessary information to progress in my field. My favourite modules are the practical and interactive ones such as Reservoir Rock and Fluid Properties and Gas Engineering Principles.

Did you enjoy studying on campus and did you make use of any of the facilities?

The campus is a relaxing and suitable learning environment with very useful and supportive services offered. I often use the library during my studies as it provides an area where students can work in silence. I also enjoy having lunch at the Students’ Union during my free time.

What is the best thing about studying at Teesside?

Teesside has helped develop my understanding and knowledge in my chosen field through their teaching methods and an excellent working environment. I have acquired a lot of new skills and knowledge because of the conducive working environment across the campus.

Did you have a good social life and what do you think of the surrounding area?

The educational and social events held at Teesside are great and give me the opportunity to make some really good friends since coming to Middlesbrough. The University is located at centre of the town, which makes the shops, restaurants and clubs easily accessible. I enjoy using the University gym to maintain my health and fitness when I’m not in the library studying.