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Undergraduate study

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Hayley Shield

FdA Aviation and Tourism

The course has a focus on management which enables me to participate in seminars with aviation professionals.

Hayley Shield

Why Teesside?

I chose Teesside as it is a natural progression from my studies at Stockton Riverside College. The job market can be extremely competitive and to progress in my career I needed to further my knowledge at university level and set myself apart from other candidates. The lecturers have a lot of experience from industry, meaning their knowledge is unparalleled when compared to other universities.

Why aviation and tourism?

The course enables you to build a great foundation of knowledge in the aviation and tourism industry. The modules are engaging and relevant and always provide an insight into industry. The course also builds your knowledge to the point where you are ready to complete an undergraduate degree which I plan on doing.

Favourite thing about your course?

The course is led by experts who have worked and continue to engage with the industry, so you know you’re learning from people with relevant and current experience. You are always pushed to go out and meet others in the industry thanks to the University’s great local connections. My favourite module is Aviation Sector Management as it is directly related to the career I want to pursue.

How is the campus and services?

The campus is amazing. Everything is close together and the investment on making it a great experience for students is clear to see. I spent most of my time at the Library. It is fantastic for all types of studying whether it be teamwork or working on your own in the silent study area.

Would you recommend Teesside?

Definitely. The industry engagement means your job prospects will be better than others come graduation. The course covers a wide variety of both aviation and tourism related topics which allows you to step into a range of job roles, and it teaches you so many transferable skills which is great as it means you are always capable no matter your job role.