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Kate Baxter

BSc (Hons) Environmental Science

The staff are engaging, knowledgeable and approachable, and the facilities are excellent.

Kate Baxter

Why did you decide to go to university and why Teesside?

I am fairly local to the area, so Teesside University was a good place to start. When I started to look into the courses at Teesside, I was impressed and the reputation of the university was also very encouraging.
It was the renewable energy aspect which drew me to consider environmental science, however I've always been interested in popular science and this course seemed to cover a wide range of diverse topics. I realised this might open up further areas of interest to me, as well as potentially provide a wider range of opportunities once I graduated.

What do you like most about your course?

As I had hoped, the course is living up to my expectations of being well delivered by knowledgeable and approachable staff. I am enjoying the wide range of topics which we are covering, with Earth Sciences being a particular favourite. However, I was surprised to find I have enjoyed learning about biodiversity and animal and plant biology - things I would not have considered as stand-alone courses.

What do you think about the campus and the services offered?

Teesside University campus is a fantastic place. It has a modern and vibrant feel and is well located in the centre of Middlesbrough. There are plenty of great spaces to work throughout the campus, with the library being an amazing resource, as well as places to relax and catch up with friends. There are also a wide range of services to help us negotiate all aspects of student life.
Middlesbrough and the surrounding areas have seen lots of improvements in recent years, making them desirable locations to live, work and socialise in. There are good transport links and a good variety of amenities and activities to do outside of university.

Do you have a job or do any volunteering during your studies?

I work as a freelance paddle sports instructor and raft guide at Tees Barrage White Water Centre. I also volunteer with a paddle sports club as a coach and sea kayaking leader.

What are your ambitions for the future?

Aside from going into a career in environmental science, I am also hoping to incorporate environmental work and education into my past times. I’m currently raising my profile as a solo expedition sea kayaker. I feel that Teesside University will equip me well for making the right decisions in the future.

Would you recommend Teesside University and your course?

I would recommend both Teesside University and Environmental Science to others, as I am finding they offer an enjoyable, high standard of education. The staff are engaging, knowledgeable and approachable, and the facilities are excellent.
If you are thinking of coming here, my advice would be don't hesitate. Get in touch and start your studies.

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