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Husnain Imran

BSc (Hons) Computer and Digital Forensics

I use the skills I learned at university in my everyday work and will continue to use them throughout my career.

Husnain Imran

Why Teesside?

Teesside University offered the best course in the field I wanted to pursue and had connections with some of the biggest firms in the world, as well as high student satisfaction.

I visited Teesside University to get a feel for the campus, society and course and this made me certain I wanted to study there. I focused my college academic study to ensure I would become a student at Teesside University.

Best thing about your course?

The practical fun and challenging modules that simulate real-life scenarios. You develop the skills and abilities to tackle any challenge in your future career. I enjoyed operating and file system forensics module, where we were given crime scenarios, which we had to solve through digital forensics. I use the skills learnt in this module in my everyday work life.

What did you think about the campus, facilities and teaching staff?

The campus is great, it is situated in a tight-knit community and located near the town centre with some of the best places to eat.

The facilities are modern and cutting edge to ensure students are getting the most out of their degrees and are using real world tools and software.

The tutors are phenomenal. They are pro-active, determined and push you to your maximum potential. Without them, this course would not be the same. They are talented experts in their field and played a fundamental role in helping me achieve where I am today.

Did you do an industry placement?

I worked for Cleveland Police in my placement year in the High-Tech Crime Unit as a digital forensic technician. I worked on many criminal cases and learnt a lot about digital forensics and how it’s used to solve crimes. My greatest achievement on placement was receiving recognition from the National Crime Agency, for my contribution to my team's success in obtaining the first ever conviction using Apple Health data in UK legislative history.

Did you use any of the University’s support services?

I used Student Futures, which was instrumental in gaining my placement and extremely supportive when I was on placement. It’s an excellent service for Teesside University students for career and employability advice, help tailoring CV's and volunteering positions. The Student Futures staff want the best for you and push you in the right direction to achieve your goals.

I also used the Diversi-Tees scheme in my second year, where I was paired with a police officer who guided me around the different police force careers and how I could work in the Hi-Tech crime unit. This was an amazing insight and reassured me that I could make it in the field.

What have you done since graduating?

I worked as a computer forensic consultant at FTI Consulting while completing my final year.

I now work as a Forensic Analyst at a brilliant company in London called OpenText. I have a varied role that includes, forensic collections of evidence from legacy and emerging data sources, data tracking and mitigation, creating and developing bespoke tools with Python and other languages and forensic analysis and Investigations.

Did your time at Teesside help you to achieve your goals?

Without Teesside University I would not be where I am. I gained skills, tutoring, academia and knowledge that I would not be able to get elsewhere. Teesside University has helped me specialise and land my dream career. I use the skills I learned at university in my everyday work and will continue to use them throughout my career.

Would you recommend Teesside and your course?

Yes, they offer a range of courses, with world-class facilities and teachers. The support offered is second to none. For anyone considering a career in digital forensics or computer security I highly recommend this course, it is fast-paced, fun and challenging, and it gives you the right skill sets for a successful and bright career.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your time at Teesside University?

Make the most of it. University is about studying, but also finding yourself, growing as an individual and making new friends.