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Ella Miller

BA (Hons) Graphic Design and Illustration

Ella is studying BA (Hons) Graphic Design and Illustration ready for a career as a children's book illustrator.

I like how the live briefs push me to be different and I’ve built up portfolio pieces which showcase different aspects of graphic design and illustration.

Ella Miller

Why Teesside?

I wanted to stay local and I loved that the graphic design course included illustration, which is what I focus on.

Why graphic design and illustration?

I’ve always been creative and have experience in the graphic design industry. I wanted to gain connections in the illustration community and continue to learn how to use new software and be creative.

Best thing about the course?

I like how the briefs push me to be different and I’ve built up portfolio pieces which showcase different aspects of graphic design and illustration.

Favourite modules?

I enjoyed Interaction and Environment, and Advanced Graphic Projects because of the live briefs and opportunities to develop freelance skills.

Tell us about the University facilities

They’re all great, especially the textiles, screen printing and woodwork workshops. Using the Macs and design software has been helpful in getting insight into the equipment and systems used in industry.

Tell us about Middlesbrough and the area

There are lots of shops, museums and galleries. Middlesbrough has a strong creative community, which has been great to get involved in.

Tell us about your role as an ambassador

I’m a Digital Ambassador, helping students with digital skills like using their iPad, Office software and connecting to wifi. I’ve also helped during special events such as the Adobe Day and I’ve created graphics and campaigns for @TUMyDigitalLife.

What do you get involved in outside of your studies?

I'm working with a local event space to create a wall mural in their building. The idea came from one of my modules and was then picked up by the venue to take further. I also run a sustainable small business creating unique plushies called Millow Makes.

What skills have you gained?

I’ve gained a lot of confidence by presenting and connecting with different people, and I’ve developed a working knowledge of Adobe software, both of which will help me in my chosen career.

Future ambitions?

I would love to work as a children's book illustrator, as well as continuing to grow my business. I’m open to different jobs, as long as I can be creative.

Would you recommend Teesside University?

Yes, because of the facilities and course tutors. Their industry knowledge has been amazing and benefited me a lot.

What advice would you offer to students thinking of coming to study here?

Be open minded and get stuck in. Be as bold as you can during the modules and push your skills and confidence.

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