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Undergraduate study

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Kieran Mole

BA (Hons) Education Studies

Kieran has enjoyed the variety of course and feels prepared to start his career as a primary school teacher.

Being able to enhance my knowledge and learn transferable skills has allowed me to move into the career I want.

Kieran Mole

Why Teesside and why your course?

I needed a degree to pursue a career in teaching. Education studies gives a wide range of topics, and at that point I didn’t know whether I wanted to teach primary or secondary. The variety of the course meant I could study both while I made up my mind. I chose Teesside as a few of my family members have attended this university and it was highly recommended.

Tell us about Teesside

The campus is compact and easy to find your way around. And Middlesbrough has friendly people and lots of things to do in the area.

Support services are excellent. I was diagnosed with dyslexia at the start of university, and they put measures in place so that I didn’t struggle or fall behind with studying.

Favourite thing about your course?

There is a lot of interesting content, one module I enjoyed was ‘Students as Tutors’. It gave us the opportunity to teach a lesson on something that interested us, which highlighted my passion for wanting to go into teaching.

Did you do any work or volunteering while studying?

As a part of my course, I completed two years of practical experience in schools. Alongside this, I became a course representative which allowed me to hear other student’s opinions on what worked well and what could be improved about the university experience. Because of the flexibility of my timetable, I was also able to work part-time in a pub while studying.

What skills have you gained that will help in your chosen career?

University has given me many transferable skills such as time management, organisation and communication skills. These are key when going into primary school teaching and so will give me a smooth transition into my training.

Ambitions for the future

My ambition is to become a primary school teacher, and one day even a headteacher.

Would you recommend Teesside and your course?

I would. Being able to enhance my knowledge and learn transferable skills has allowed me to move into the career I want. Furthermore, the friendships I made were a key support throughout my time studying.

Any advice for future students?

Have no expectations of what university is going to be like. Go in open minded. Also – turn up to every lecture and seminar because you will miss something important.

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