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Postgraduate study

Student views

Emma Hill

LLM Master of Laws

Emma's postgraduate qualification is helping her get closer to her career goal

Without this degree, I wouldn't be in my current role and wouldn't be in the position that I'm in today.

Emma Hill

Why did you choose to study at Teesside?

I completed my Bachelor of Laws degree at Teesside and when it came to postgraduate study, it was the only university that I considered. I had a great experience when studying for my undergraduate degree, the University has an excellent reputation and is on my doorstep so for me, it was an easy choice.

How did you find the course?

The course was a challenge, as expected, but the staff were friendly, approachable and supportive. They were more than happy to help me when I needed it, and they presented complex legal issues in a way that everyone can understand. The classes were quite relaxed and informal in that everybody was able to contribute to the discussions and ask questions.

How did your course benefit you at work?

I had secured a job in Middlesbrough Council's Legal Services department shortly before beginning my course and was increasingly gaining legal experience whilst studying for my postgraduate degree. As the degree was quite flexible and could be tailored to my interests, I was able to focus on areas that would benefit my current role.

Did you receive any financial support?

I was very fortunate to be awarded a Dr Keith Skeoch scholarship of £2,500 to contribute towards my tuition fees. This was very generous and it’s unlikely that I would have been in a position to fund my tuition without this. It allowed me to study the course and work towards becoming a solicitor. Without the scholarship, it’s likely that I wouldn't be in my current role.

Did your time at Teesside help you get closer to your career goal?

Yes, definitely. Not only did the Dr Keith Skeoch scholarship assist me with the cost of my tuition, one requirement to secure my current job was to have a postgraduate qualification, and without this degree, I wouldn't be in my current role. I’ll be studying the Legal Practice Course with a view to securing a training contract at Middlesbrough Council and progressing in my career. I hope to become a solicitor and continue my career in my local council. I also believe that the excellent teaching and support that Teesside University offers greatly contributed to me achieving the level of degree that I did and getting me closer to my goals. I would highly recommend the course and Teesside.

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