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Postgraduate study

Student views

Jonathan Chambers

Professional Graduate Certificate in Education: Education and Training

Jonathan enjoyed his time at Teesside so much he has returned to complete a master's degree.

The PGCE course was excellent and the level of teaching was exemplary.

Jonathan Chambers

Why Teesside?

I chose Teesside because I was already based in the region and in full-time employment. I studied for my undergraduate degree at Teesside and had a positive experience. Teesside is my hometown so I may be biased but I love the area and the community values we hold.

What was your course like?

The PGCE course was excellent and the level of teaching was exemplary. We covered lots of different topics and working with other practitioners from various backgrounds and teaching areas really allowed me to learn more and develop much further in my practice.

What was your favourite module?

Being dyslexic, I really enjoyed the Alternative Teaching Methods module as I learned so much more about myself and the different ways I can engage with students.

Did you receive any financial support from Teesside University?

I received Disabled Students’ Allowance whilst studying at Teesside University and this gave me the additional support I needed in a one-to-one capacity. This also paid for specialist assessments which identified a need for me to receive specialised support that was invaluable to my success on the course.

What have you done since graduating?

I’ve enjoyed my time at Teesside so much that I’ve decided to come back to do a master’s degree in Education to help me achieve my goal of working in a higher education setting either in advice and guidance or a lecturing capacity.

Would you recommend Teesside University?

I would highly recommend my course and Teesside University to others and have already done so both on a personal and professional level.