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Postgraduate study

Student views

Mary Greenwell

MSc Biotechnology

Mary's time at Teesside has led to a job at at Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies.

I chose to do my master’s at Teesside University because I was impressed with its links with industry.

Mary Greenwell

Why Teesside?

I chose to do my master’s at Teesside University because I was impressed with its links with industry.
The lecturers were engaging, supportive and approachable and I really benefited from their wealth of knowledge and industrial experience.

What was your course like?

I enjoyed the Bio-manufacturing module the most as I was interested in the process in which a therapeutic agent was manufactured from upstream fermentation to downstream purification. I also really enjoyed the Applied Biotechnology module as it covered new technologies and advances emerging in biotechnology.

The Analytical Laboratories module helped me to develop the essential transferable skills required for a research scientist position. The modules were diverse which gave me a well-rounded knowledge about biotechnology as a whole. Each module was structured differently which allowed me to develop different academic skills such a team work, presentation skills, research skills and reporting.

My three month research project was the best part of the course. It allowed me to work on my own project and challenged my research and development skills.

What was your social life like?

Shared modules with other MSc courses enabled me to meet other students and the Learning Cafe in the library was a great place to meet people and have a bit a down time between lectures and studying.

Did you receive any financial support from Teesside University?

I was fortunate to be awarded a scholarship, which reduced my course fees considerably. This allowed me to fund other resources and cut down on my working hours so I could spend more time on my studies.

Did you use any of the University’s support services?

The careers service were wonderful and helped me with my CV structure and interview techniques. Due to their industrial connections they were able to give me advice on specific companies before attending interviews.

Did your time at Teesside University help you to achieve or get closer to your goals?

I work as a Research Scientist at Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies. The course definitely helped me to improve my knowledge and learn key skills, which I apply to my current role on a daily basis.